Motherless Kittens Adopted by Yorkie Who Lost Her Pups

A litter of motherless kittens came to the Humane Society of Utah just as Bridget gave birth to her puppies, who did not live. The kittens and the mama dog were paired together in the shelter’s Foster Care Department.

Ten year old Yorkshire Terrier Bridget gave birth in April in an emergency early morning C-section to two puppies that did not survive. A litter of young kittens in need of mothering arrived at the shelter at the same time, and Barbara Conrad, the director of the HSUʼs Foster Care Dept., saw an opportunity to help Bridget with her loss while also helping the kittens. She placed the litter of kittens with Bridget whose natural maternal instincts took over with her new family.
News report from KSL TV.

Utah Humane Society raw video of Bridget and the kittens. You can hear the staffers say the doctor wanted Bridget to stop nursing by this time.


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3 thoughts on “Motherless Kittens Adopted by Yorkie Who Lost Her Pups

  1. I hope that all goes well for this little family. I hope that they all find loving homes and live long and healthy and happy lives.

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