Profile of a Famous Internet Cat: Jupiter the Video Star

With his latest video sitting atop the charts, Jupiter and his petmom were featured in a TV segment that talks about how he became an internet sensation.

Berks County, PA resident Julie Searfoss rescued Jupiter the cat in 2007. She tells of his background and how he got started in videos, “Jupiter is a Russian White and was born in April 2006. A nice lady who runs a small animal went to a kill shelter to save some kitties and found Jupiters mom, pregnant, and on death row. She rescued her and soon little fur balls were born. I rescued Jupiter in September 2006. One day Jupey started chattering, so I chattered right along with him and soon after, when I said birdy, he would chatter on cue which led to talking when asked.”

Julie makes videos of Jupiter which stand on their own. She also shares his videos with Talking Animals creator Andrew Granthem, who brings them to a whole new level and a huge audience. We have the TV news profile, below followed by Talking Animals’ current big hit Ultimate Cat Tease, Talking Animals’ Ask Jupiter 2, and Julie’s video Conversations with Jupiter 3/16/2012.

Jupiter and I on TV – WFMZ-TV. Quality is not the best; it’s recorded off the TV, and the original is not available for reuse.
(Correction note: Jupiter and Mom’s channel has 34,555 subscribers, not 345,000. Julie got video views and subscribers mixed up.)


Ultimate Cat Tease, from talking Animals


Ask Jupiter 2, from Talking Animals


Conversations with Jupiter 3/16/2012, from Julie’s channel.

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