Caboodle Ranch Seizure Update

Heavy rains hampered removal of cats from the Caboodle sanctuary yesterday, but crews are back on the scene today. Officials say there were about 700 cats on the property.

Yesterday’s raid at Caboodle ranch cat sanctuary removed some cats from the property and saw the arrest of operator Craig Grant. The large scale investigation and animal seizure is headed by PETA, the ASPCA, and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. The IFAW is also involved, and will provide forensic and sheltering support.

Officials involved in the investigation say there were close to 700 cats on the property, but the total figure will not be known until all of the cats are removed. PetSmart Charities has sent three of their Emergency Relief Waggins to Florida to help in the seized cats care. The cats will be housed in a temporary emergency shelter. Calls are already coming in, with people offering to adopt, but the cats are currently being held as evidence in the case against their caretaker.

In addition to the previously announced abuse charges, Caboodle Ranch owner Craig Grant has also been charged with fraud. He has posted bond and been released from jail.

The following report from last night’s 11 o’clock news at local station WCTV recaps yesterday’s events.

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27 thoughts on “Caboodle Ranch Seizure Update

  1. I hope you pay dearly for this, Mr. Grant. On behalf of my cats, myself, and all of the other innocent cats and people you fooled (scammed), you deserve everything you get. You took our money with a big smile on your face, and our cats, without a care in the world about what became of them. As far as we’re concerned, you murdered them personally, with your lack of providing medical attention & safety. You lied, your website lied. I pray that the system gives you just punishment for all of your crimes. Justice for the cats.

  2. My condolences to all those who left their kitties in this monsters “care”. It would hurt my heart deeply to see what has become of their Kitty Paradise. The local authorities screwed up BIG TIME by not monitoring this evil man. They should also be held responsible.

  3. We have a court system in America, folks, and that means that you have the right to be judged by a jury of your peers. It also means that you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, until the court declares this man guilty based on the evidence presented, and not what the BS media throws at you, he is innocent. And you would receive the same benefit of the doubt, no matter how bad things looked for you.

    Reading the overamped emotionality here makes me wonder about the future of law in this country. If this man deserves to burn in Hell and life in prison for accusations and illegal trespass by non-legal organizations, then not one of us is safe in anything we do. All it takes is someone saying things, editing pictures to look bad, and everything you own now belongs to the state.

    That is frightening.

  4. @InRussetShadows: Yes, I do agree with you that in a court of law, all are presumed innocent until proven guilty. I am not basing accusations on ‘what the media has thrown at me’. I am basing mine on my own personal experience, and the personal experiences of many, many others with Caboodle Ranch. We have been there when the ranch wasn’t all ‘spruced up’ for public visitors. We have seen the horrible conditions of the cats. I, personally, took many pictures and video clips. I lost many cats to this sanctuary a year ago, and please don’t come back at me with “you shouldn’t have dumped your cats off”. I was fooled, as were many, by the beautifully displayed website, and their promise to give my cats a safe, healthy, & happy forever home. Mine were rescues that I had saved from my colony that someone decided to go pellet gun happy on. Most were feral & unadoptable, but I kept them in my home for quite awhile until I could find a safe place for them to go. I loved those cats. Many I had known since they were tiny babies. I wasn’t just going to take them to the ‘pound’, where they would’ve undoubtedly been euthanized. This was why I took them to Caboodle Ranch …’because’ I loved them, and I trusted that they would be well cared for. I had planned to go there monthly and visit them. After 2 separate visits back up there, and not being able to locate my cats, I finally found one….of the 15 I had taken there. He was so sick with upper respiratory illness, underweight, & lethargic, that he collapsed upon standing to walk toward me. I rescued him on the spot & took him back home with me. Luckily, his condition was treatable and he has since
    recovered. I am not saying that I don’t believe that people are presumed innocent until proven guilty, but when you’ve had an experience like I have, you, I’m sure, would probably feel the same. We pushed for a long, long time to have this situation looked into, because, as citizens, we personally could do nothing but try to warn people of the dangers at Caboodle Ranch, and try to discourage them from taking their cats there. It ha been a long and exhausting journey for us, but after Monday, it was worth it all. I thank PETA, the ASPCA, & the Madison County Sheriff for caring and believing in our word enough to conduct an undercover investigation! I know people are putting PETA down for allowing so much suffering & death to take place during the investigation, and it is very unfortunate, but I see as to why they could not just move on in and raid the place with the first neglectful or abusive incident they came across. They had to gather enough evidence to make this a fully legitimate case. That’s all part of going undercover, unfortunately.

  5. 2nd March 2012

    Even though I am not an American, and dont perhaps know the full picture. I feel I have to comment on this story. When I first read the news, I was filled with horror and disgust. These are my feelings on what has happened.
    1. If there was such widescale abuse and neglect of the cats, why on earth did the so-called welfare organisations wait so long before acting? I have been a long-time follower of Craig and his amazing story. I truly believe that he is not a bad, evil man like people are claiming. Yes, he might have been overwelmed by cats, but I dont think he intentionally acted cruely towards them.

    2. From what I have read Craig seemed to make use of various vets and welfare organisations. If they suspected abuse then they should have acted beforehand. Why did they take a year to “gather” evidence.

    3. If one has lots of cats, then the likelihood of them contracting and spreading upper respiratory virus and eye problems is high, even with treatment it can rear its head often. He appeared to make use of treatments and spoke about it on his blog often, if he was lying, then why mention that he had done it if he hadnt.

    4. John Fulton (think thats his surname) the host of Must Love Cats went there and spent time there. Did he not see anything? I find it hard to believe that Craig could have pulled the wool over his eyes to that degree.

    5. I remember reading comments that Craig was being harassed and blackmailed by various people claiming that he was neglecting the cats. Why was nothing done then if this was the case?

    I have to wonder if there is not more to this than meets the eye. I think a proper unbiased investigation needs to be done before people start crucifying Craig. If he has been found to neglect the cats, then he must be punished, but if it is just because some people dont like him and there was a lack of action from the authorities, then I am afraid one has to look deeper.

    What is the most important thing here, and one a lot of people seem to have forgotten is the cats and Craig. Both are victims here, in one way or another.

  6. So taking more than you can handle makes you evil? Was it a bad decision to keep on taking on more cats? Sure. Definitely negligence but not malicious.

    Before anyone goes thanking PETA, consider this. PETA was aware that Craig was way over extended and had more cats than anyone could handle and they DID NOTHING to resolve this situation. Instead they ALLOWED it to continue and to worse before they acted. And their actions wern’t to help out, no their actions were to go screaming about and bring in the authorities. PETA doesn’t care about these cats at all they’re only out for their own attention. If they wanted to help the cats as opposed to simply bust Craig then why bother with waiting to “gather evidence”? Isn’t the well being of the cats more important that a court case? Apparently according to PETA’s actions, no it isn’t. All PETA is after is publicity. They never have, nor ever will get a penny or monocum of support from me and anything they have to say is suspect as far as I’m concerned.

    PETA has an agenda here and don’t be fooled, it isn’t helping the cats.

  7. Okay…Has anyone seen the recent update? Like the most recent. His records do prove that he was giving them care they needed. The sick ward “which is what’s being showed in the video” was suppose to be cleaned by the lady who made the video. She did not do the job she was hired to do but instead just filmed everything and made him look like he wasn’t helping the cats but letting them die a horrible death. Soooo yeah it wasn’t his fault.

    1. @Kayla. That makes me so angry that he has been crucified before being given a chance to give his side of the story. I read that Craig had complained about various people trying to defame and discredit him, wonder if any of these had a hand in this. Dont believe for one minute that PETA did this out of the goodness of their hearts.

      Please keep us up to date on any developments Kayla

  8. For years I looked at sanctuaries to place some of my cats. There was always some reason I hesitated and later they all turned out to be raided for hoarding, abuse, etc. Some started out well and become overwhelmed. It is not always malicious but it does always seem to happen. The successful ones charge 3K and more per cat and I cannot blame them. I know what it costs to care for them long term.

    There has been Tiger Ranch, Cats With No Name and Pets Alive to name just a couple in the Northeast. Pets Alive was not at all malicious. It is very difficult to support so many animals. Cats With No Name was a scam and took years to shut down because local authorities didn’t care and wouldn’t check it out. We have no idea how many cats died on that property. Authorities were always considerate enough to let the owner know when they were coming.

    As much as I dislike government control it seems that the only answer is to legally require spay/neuter for ownership of an animal. Peta is no prize when it comes to animal rescue. They had a lot of bad publicity for pulling from shelters and the “rescued” animals ended up dead in a dumpster. They always show up to grab headlines.

    Most areas seem to have no inspection program for sanctuaries. Pennsylvania does not have one for cat sanctuaries and Cats With No Name was allowed to exist for years. They need to be licensed and inspected.

    It is also a problem that people who do know what is going on are cowards. They call you with information on terrible abuse and neglect and always end it with “don’t use my name”. This includes vets and volunteers.

    Now they are holding 700+ cats as “evidence”!! How much evidence do they need in Florida? They will likely be “evidence” until they end up euthanized.

    1. When animals are injured and diseased and are not receiving treatment because the ranch owner continues to bring in more animals than he can possibly care for properly, it has gone from rescuing to hoarding. He also continued to accept donations even though he knew the ranch was no longer functioning as a rescue facility, and that he was under investigation.

  9. I feel most sorry for these cats. Seizing them and removing them from this property is likely NOT going to result in a happier ending for them. How likely is the ASPCA going to be to care for and adopt out feral cats? How likely are they to find shelters to take hundreds of cats when the shelters they associate with are probably already killing 50% or more of the cats they take in? These cats would likely have been far better served by the ASPCA sending folks in to help on site now and in the months to come. Very, very, very sad.

  10. This is so remenisent of “witch”-hunting. ie Authorities composed of self-interested groups, arresting and incriminating people who were a source of happiness in competition with what they wanted people to believe in (and donate to).

  11. I have personally notified the JSO in the city to be on watch for the scum of NIO the self proclaimed white trash group Negotiation Is Over who “save animals.” The very group who stood in cat killer grant’s driveway as an investigation plan and then gave him a thumbs up!!!! Banning all of us who saw the horror there for the last 2 fing years.

    They are now fully aware at JSO that these psychopaths presently taking a stand to support grant and entriken the copartners in crime, could try a break in of the place to apparently “steal the cats” back.

    Can you even imagine this bullshit!!!

    I can’t wait until this hoarder is behind bars!!!

  12. @Megan : Yes, it’s true that Craig Grant complained that various people had a personal vendetta against him. He had told me the same thing the night I first met him at the ranch when I brought my cats there “in the evening” as instructed by him, so that no authorities would find out. Did I believe him? Of course I did. I told him I thought that was just awful, and couldn’t believe why people would try to do something so horrible to him. He made it sound as if they were ‘disgruntled’ workers that got mad because he had let them go. Then he told me that another one, well, she was just mentally insane. I did not know him other than bringing my cats to him, so why wouldn’t I believe what he was telling me?! UNTIL …I found out for myself. These people weren’t at all what I was told. I learned the hard way. I was fooled, deceived by lies of promises of safety, health, & security for my cats. I had promised them that I would make the 400+ mile trip (there & back) once monthly so they would never think I did not love them or feel that I deserted them. They never found that out. I searched one month, then 2 months after I brought them there. I never saw their sweet faces again. Then, this is when I start searching online, and I find these ‘people’…the ones that Craig said were slandering him. These people, I learned, had the same experience as I did. Their cats disappeared and were never seen again. Every time I called him to check on them, which was often until I came to visit them, I was told by Mr. Grant that they were all right there and doing just fine. “Perfect” was always the term he used. They were supposed to be held in the kennels for 4-6 wks. I found out they were let out after or just before one week. So, no, this was not a scheme to defame him by a bunch of people who just got ‘bored’ and decided, “Hey, let’s pick on Craig Grant”!
    And @Kayla: So, you’re saying that because he says he has records of the treatment of the cats, that his word is good as gold?? Please, that man never even pressed me for all of the records/vaccination paperwork on my cats! He never did get everyone’s paperwork. I had misplaced some at home, but was never asked about it again. He was more concerned about my bringing cash. Please, don’t fall for it. He’s very good at deceiving. I’ll never forgive myself for being so foolish, and making one of the biggest mistakes of my life …an irreversible one, unfortunately.

  13. OKAY PEOPLE…how do we make sure they are bringing “practising without a license” charges against that scumbag…..he ain’t NO VET, but he does heal them with his mind….lmfao….that is a direct dr. psycho grant quote!

  14. I think you are being cruel, Craig can’t do a secretary’s job of chasing up papers, if people make excuses for not giving them to him ! If you cared you would produce the papers or make notes about the cats medical histories and send that to him.
    Cats need to feel loved so their health homeostatus kicks in again, this is what Craig obviously was talking about when he said he “heals” them.
    You feel bad about having abandoned the care and responsibility of your cats and you now feel anger which is a normal part of grieving, but you will not feel better for causing problems to Craig, and you will not help your cats with this.
    Craig needed help, if you didn’t help him, you have no right to say anything against him.

  15. @Compton …not sure who you are referring to, but if it is me, I never “abandonded” my cats. IF I had abandonded them, for one, I’d have taken them just any old place in central FL and dumped them off in the woods somewhere. I would not have spent money on rental cars, gas, or time driving 400+ miles each way driving up to CR to make sure they would be well cared for as promised. As for the paperwork, I had told him I’d bring it the next time I came up. Thing is, they’re not supposed to accept any without paperwork. Also, as I learned later, he was supposed to have had me fill out/sign some ‘release form’s on each cat. I never saw any release forms. I am not trying to “start trouble” for Craig. Craig got himself into trouble. Do you think it never would have caught up with him?? My cats went missing. Hell yes I’m pissed!! ..and that has nothing to do with my grieving process. Unless you’ve been there, gone through what I have there, seen what I have seen there …keep your opinions of what I’m doing to ‘yourself’

  16. What makes you think your cats are missing ? Have you been to reclaim them at Jacksonville ? No, you have abandoned them to their fate, in cages getting bored and depressed till that depresses their immune systeme and they get ill then they will be “euthanised”.
    Now what are you going to fabulate to back yourself up, if you saw something unpleasent at the ranch, why did you leave them there ?

  17. Lol..ok, now I know who you are, “Compton”. Listen here, “I” am the victim here, as well as the cats I trusted in the hands of the Caboodle Ranch. I do not ‘fabulate’ stories, sweetie. Everything that I’ve stated that i saw regarding other cats at CR, and everything I didn’t see upon my returns to CR, meaning my own rescue cats, was the truth. If I’d had known what I found out about the place beforehand, I’d had never, ever taken a cat there. Do you honestly think that I saw something unpleasant before I left my Cays there? Please! You know exactly what unpleasant things I’m speaking of, so don’t play like you don’t. Also, if you want to go ahead and accuse me of fabulating, why doesn’t anyone file a lawsuit against me for slander?? Go ahead! I’d love to see you try! I’ll swear my experience with that place in a court of law, and, yes…I do have proof to back myself up. . Now you have yourself a great day! It takes a lot more than your snotty little comments to push my buttons. Obviously, as defensive as you were, it doesn’t take much to push yours. 😉

  18. As I read the comments on sites all over the world, I see the same 3 names criticizing the ranch. They are the nucleus of a small, small group of people who have decided to destroy Caboodle Ranch, and Craig, and Nanette, and maybe the cats, who cares. There was a U FL inspection, with suggestions for treatment, 2009. The issues were corrected. There were animals dropped outside the fence, that Craig took in. I was there long enough to see the dedication Craig has for his cats. The vet was there when I was, and I know the vet was vaccinating cats a few days before the raid. The raid was a tragedy for cats and humans and all of you who are jumping on the accuracy of 1 creative PeTA video, I hope you look at the dozens of YouTube videos to see the contrast. I speak only to what I saw and know as fact, and you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. I saw hundreds of happy, healthy cats with plenty of fresh food, water, shelter, vet care. Volunteer lawyers are researching many issues here, including the legality of the raid—no due process. No formal complaint was issued, no response time was allowed. The Sheriff was invited to make unannounced visits, he never did. The ASPCA never came before hand. The state’s attny refused earlier requests to prosecute, but PeTA needed a PR event to influence the vote on the FARA- look it up–and this is an election year. Of course things could improve and they could in any shelter, but CR had fulfilled the requirements for an Excess Animal Habitat permit, which would allow it to have more than 30 cats/2 1/4 acres. At least it seemed it was working for the permit. The Sheriff seems to think, in Dec., that he would be denied the permit. CR hadn’t even submitted the application to the County Board in Dec,, so how did the Sheriff know it was going to be denied? There’s more to this story than the PeTA instigated raid. We have 10,000 signatures on a petition to Reopen CR, and almost 20,000 Facebook followers. Caboodle Ranch Fan Page. Take a look. See what thousands, not a few, people think about the ranch. One of the ASPCA investigators said “the majority of the cats were in dire need of medical attention.” Later on Dr Dick Green, Sr ASPCA investigator, said “the majority of cats were not in dire need of medical attention and the majority of cats did not look like those in the PeTA video.” Beep Beep, I’m backing up. Madison County shot itself in the foot. The Sheriff said he has gotten 6000 calls from Japan and China from people concerned about the cats. The ranch is known all over the world and the world is watching to see how fairly and decently Madison County treats animals, and to see if justice is alive and well there.

  19. Listen here, Swisher, I speak about the ranch from my own personal experience. I have never had a reason to be ‘set out to destroy’ anyone’s life….and especially the lives of cats. It’s apparent, though, that ‘my’ cats’ lives were destroyed after bringing them to the “Ranch”. Don’t you ever accuse ME of falsifying information….and yes, I’m entitled to my opinion ..but I base mine on facts. Yes, the U of FL did do the inspection in ’09, but you are wrong in saying the issues were corrected. Also, you may have thousands supporting CR, but most of these supporters have not seen what is hidden from the public eye when they visit CR. I was not allowed to see the sick ward, and he became VERY angry about us asking to see it (to see if my cats were in there). Now answer this…why on earth would someone who paid good money on auto rentals, gasoline, and other expenses, drive 400+ miles each way to CR to bring their cats (because they were promised that they’d be well cared for and safe), just to turn around and try to destroy Caboodle Ranch??? THINK!! If I didn’t love those cats …my rescues, I’d have dumped them off somewhere nearer to home and saved all that money, don’t you think? PLEASE!!!

  20. About a year ago I wrote to Mr. Grant asking questions about his Caboodles Ranch. I was thinking about referring an acquaintance to his place because she had a cat with a spraying problem that could not be resolved. I asked a lot of questions about the ranch about how the cats were kept safe from predators, what kind of shelter they had from the elements, how medical problems were addressed and what type of food he fed the cats. I got no response from him. I am so thankful that I listened to my instincts and did not refer my friend to this place.

  21. The answers to all your questions are on the Caboodle ranch web site, Craig didn’t have a secretary service sending out printed pages explaining all those answers !

  22. FLcatlover. Yes, thank God you did listen to your instincts, as they were correct. They do nothing but lie to innocent people. It’s a shame so many poor cats had to pay the price of their greed and negligence with their lives. It’s not over by a long shot ….they killed the wrong person’s cats here.
    If you haven’t already, and want to go to a website that posts the TRUTH, please go to
    Here you will see just about everything they found on this place …and actual evidence.
    Thank you

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