City the Kitty in the spotlight


City the Kitty has starred in a Fresh Step commercial and his own videos. On Saturday, January 14, he hits the big time with Jackson Galaxy on My Cat From Hell.

It’s the old, old story. Anonymous stray cat finds a loving home with a photographer, becomes a successful model, does some videos, gets a cat litter commercial, then ends up in celebrity rehab on TV.

That’s where we can all see City the Kitty next Saturday night, January 14, 2012, when he is the subject of a segment on Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell with behaviorist Jackson Galaxy. According to City’s petmom Lori S., he’s really not her cat from hell, he just had a minor behavior problem involving a sibling.  Lori says Mr. Galaxy was able to help City to be a better behaved sibling.

The handsome and exotic looking City is half Bengal, half Manx and “proudly polydactyl”. With his stub tail, he looks just a bit like a bobcat, too.

Lori told us City the Kitty’s real life story:

 I got laid off from my job at a major newpaper in 2009 as a photographer and City showed up in front of my home about a month after that. He was dirty and hungry. He kept coming back for food and slept in my front porch area. After about 10 days I decided to let him in. He seemed right at home and was such a lovable and cute cat. I took pictures of him and made some flyers thinking that maybe someone would see them and come and get their lost cat. No one called and there were no signs of a lost cat in the neighborhood. We took him to the vet to see if he had a chip, but nothing.

We noticed he had an interesting tail, kind of a club tail and club paws. We thought of calling him CT for clubtail and clubtoes but that didn’t sound easy to say. So we thought, how about City! That’s how he was named City the Kitty!

I started taking more pics of him since he was such a character and noticed that he seemed to enjoy it. I wanted to find a nice home for him since I already had a cat, Missy, so we started asking around if anyone wanted a cat. But soon, about a couple days later, we fell in love with him.

His energy was different. His actions were on the verge of being like a wild animal. His curiosity was the most I’ve ever seen in a cat. The love he expressed to us was so deep and tried and true we didn’t want to let him go.

I started posting some pics of him on my Facebook page and they were a hit. People loved him and wanted more. So I created a City the Kitty fanpage and it just kept growing by word of mouth.

For almost 2 years he was free to roam about the neighborhood. He would leave in the morning and come home for dinner and stay inside. Little by little we were getting word that he almost got hit by a car, the plumber almost drove off with him in his truck, a garage door almost squished him. It was apparent that he had used up 8 of his 9 lives and we didn’t want to risk that happening.

So….we kept him inside. He hated it and was so jealous of his sister, Missy, for her being able to be outside. So we started taking him on daily walks. It helped since he got to explore the neighborhood and smells from the other cats.

So here we are, 2 1/2 yrs later with over 4000 fans on his Fb page and thousands of photos. He gets requests from cat product companies to try out their products. He’s featured in the Fresh Step commercial. He and his sister are going to be on the Animal Planets, My Cat from Hell Show , on Jan 14th.

It’s not as bad as it sounds but yes, he has some behavior issues. He attacks Missy when she comes in to the house because he’s jealous. He sometimes would jump up and bite Shanna, his other mom, when she would pick him up and put him down. So this is why he’s on that show with us.

We hope that someday when City gets super famous we can donate a lot of money from his fame to shelters to help other little animals. That’s our goal. And to possibly build a shelter for homeless animals in the name of City the Kitty.

City the Kitty, speaking in his own voice, through his typist and secretary, Lori, says of himself at his Facebook page:
When I’m not napping, I like to drink from the sink, recline on my armchair, play with my sister, Missy, chase that stupid red dot that keeps showing up and moving around all over the room, and gossip with my girls. I enjoy watching people in the shower. I love playing outside but I don’t get to go out as much as I used to and only when I’m on a leash. My girls think that I’m too trusting of strangers and they say I used up 8 of my 9 lives when I got to roam free.
I used to like to wrestle my sister Missy when she came in the house and jump up on my girl to let her know who’s in charge. Jackson taught them the right way to act with me and now I’m a real good boy!


Thus, according to City, Jackson Galaxy taught the others how to amend their behavior in order to make City into a good boy. We’ll all see how things really went down when the program airs.


Here is the famous cat’s most popular video: City the Kitty finds the catnip bag. For more video, see City the Kitty and his inspirational piano.


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3 thoughts on “City the Kitty in the spotlight

  1. City is wonderful and lucky to have found you two ladies who have given him a wonderful life in your beautiful home!l

  2. City the kitty has some serious temperament issues. He treats you that way because he has established himself as the leader of the pack, this is not a good situation. He may eventually hurt you really bad one day if you do not regain control of the pack and establish a pecking order. Just my opinion

  3. i volunteer with a rescue called we work with the chicago land kill shelters, they call us and if we can get there before time is up they give us all the cats we can make room for. every year we adopt out almost three hundred cats and kittens. right now we rely one hundred percent on the public for donations. we have only been here for just over five years and from what i understand until we are here for ten years we are all on our own. right now we need money the woman in charge the one who got the rescue up and running took out over six thousand dollars of her own money to keep the doors open and help a very tiny bit with the vet bills. what we need is exposure and money. please help us i have tried everything from bake sales to radio to flea markets and we are no closer to taking a breath of relief. on top of that the woman who owns the rescue and me are the two full timers two part timers just quit and people who adopted our cats have started to return them after three four and six years.
    i don’t see how she can keep this up much longer. we are out of money and the cats i have are sort of special needs. food costs thirty dollars for a fifteen poound bag of food because a couple of the cats have sensitive stomaches so bad that if they eat anything else they get violently sick. please if there is anything you can do to help i am on bend and knee begging.

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