Ted Brady speaks: Pikachu is FOUND – This is the happiest moment of my life

Many wondered where Ted Brady was yesterday when his beloved kitty Pika was found, and why no one had heard from him all day. He has since posted his thoughts at his web page and in a new video shown here.

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Ted Brady speaks, expressing joy that his kitty Pikachu has been found, and his gratitude to those who worked to find him.

Yesterday, when news broke that the Travelling Kitty who had been missing for two weeks was found by an Albuquerque NM resident and turned over to two members of the search team, taken to a vet and then placed into temporary foster care, many readers wondered where Ted Brady was any why he had not been heard from all day.

Though he declared earlier that he would not leave Albuquerque without his little pal  Ted had gone to Las Vegas to work on a film in order to earn some money. He left Albuquerque temporarily, knowing there was a team in place managing the search for the missing cat. Ted was overjoyed to learn that Pika had been found and made the following video before hitting the road to return to Albuquerque and see Pika.

Ted wrote on his The Travelling Kitty tumblr web page after getting the good news, saying the following:

“I can barely express into words how I feel right now. I’m crying,shaking,  a few minutes ago my best friend turned to me, and burst out, echoing the  yelling on the other end of his phone  “Pikachu is found!”

“Pikachu is found!”

Best buddy, my heart,love, PIKACHU IS FOUND!

This is the happiest moment in my life.

Pikachu is safe, in good care, and will be recovering for the next month// I am driving nonstop until he is in my arms, his world isn’t prepared for all the love that he will receive tomorrow.


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2 thoughts on “Ted Brady speaks: Pikachu is FOUND – This is the happiest moment of my life

  1. This is joyous news! I went over the facebook page yesterday and saw Ted’s response. Today, seeing the pictures with Pika are so uplifting. They look very happy to be together. What an amazing kitten, and the people that pulled together to find him.

  2. I am so happy Pikachu was found! THANK YOU JESUS ! However I too believe he should be kept at home. You are indeed lucky and blessed to have him back.

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