The Word on Tabitha Kitten is “Woot!”

An update from Orange Street Cats on little Tabitha kitten today has her rescuers feeling fine!

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Tabitha in mid-October

Tabitha was found in an Albany NY dumpster on September 26. The tiny kitten, weighing less than a pound, was crushed and suffocating, tied into a plastic bag. She had four fractured ribs, a damaged lung, and a touch of pneumonia. Tabitha was given into the care of local cat rescue group Orange Street Cats and taken for medical care.  She stayed in an oxygen chamber for several days, receiving IV meds. Once she could breathe well enough on her own and take her meds orally, she went into foster care with a group member.

She made progress bit by bit, learning to prop herself up on her stuffie when breathing became difficult, greeting well wishers, attacking her little bunny.  Her docs maintained a watch and wait stance  while deciding whether lung surgery would be necessary. Tabitha’s job was to eat, play, rest, and grow as she healed.

Today her biggest supporters, Orange Street cats made a significant update on their Facebook page.  Recent posts have mentioned Tabitha’s fondness for and preoccupation with kicking her stuffie bunny, and indicated that she has been doing ok. Today’s post was a joyous announcement made after a visit with Dr. Looney.

Here is the way Tabitha’s rescuers gave the news:

Woot! Tabitha saw Dr. Looney today who said she couldn’t be happier with Tabitha! Her ribs are healing and her lungs are …. drum roll please …. clear! She is still only about 2.2 pounds, so she has a way to go before she’s ready for spaying and rabies vaccination, but she is on her way! Woot! Thank you to everyone who has helped little Tabitha get here – everyone at CDAEC, everyone at UVS, especially Dr. Looney, everyone at Normanside Vet Clinic, everyone who has come to visit her, sent her prayers and good wishes and Reiki and good juju from near and far, donated financially or though goods and services, kept her foster family and everyone at OSC sane and fed and all of the other million things everyone did for this magical, strong, HEALTHY girl! Did I say “Woot!” yet? Can I hear it back? Can I get a Woot!?

Great progress for a little girl found in very rough shape. May she continue t o improve.

For more on Tabitha  you can see our index of Tabitha Stories.

You can learn more about the great group that took responsibility for Tabitha at their website, Orange Street Cats, and at Orange Street Cats on Facebook.

Tabitha in early October

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