Justice For Dexter Kitten: Care2 Petition Asks Maximum Prosecution For Attacker

Dexter kitten was rescued from a brutal assault by goodhearted children. The other kitten beaten by a 24 year old pregnant woman and her 5 and 8 year old boys did not survive. The woman is charged with felony animal abuse and a petition asks for serious prosecution in the case.

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Dexter kitten was rescued from a brutal assault by goodhearted children. The other kitten beaten by a 24 year old pregnant woman and her 5 and 8 year old boys did not survive. The woman is charged with felony animal abuse and a petition asks for serious prosecution in the case.

Update of 8/15/2011:

After much hopeful progress, growth and development, and after Dexter found his forever home with a woman who had been by his side from he day he came to PetLuv clinic, the sweet boy was regretfully helped to leave this life. Despite his great progress and his transformation into a happy kitten with a home, Dexter’s seizures continued to the point that his loving caregivers decided that the best thing for him was to release him.

The petition asking for tough prosecution of and punishment for Wilana Frazier, should she be found guilty,  is still open.


Those who read Dexter Kitten Receives Tender Loving Care at PetLuv Clinic After brutal Assault along with the several other stories we posted along the course of Dexter’s journey, or who have elsewhere seen the story of Wilana Frazier directing her two young boys to brutalize two defenseless kittens out in the open at a public park, killing one and severely injuring the other, may wish to visit Care2’s Petitionsite, where a petition has been drafted asking for justice for the two kittens. While we do not know who has drafted this petition, we do know that these petitions sometimes are effective in letting courts know that people are paying attention to a case, and they do sometimes help influence or support rigorous prosecution, as well as the court’s sentencing decision.

According to the Care2 petitionsite:

A petition has been drafted by People Against Cruelty asking the Hernando County State Attorney to “take maximum prosecution under the Florida Statute Code in the Case involving felony animal abuse charges of the accused, Wilana Joenel Frazier, and her two children.”

Anyone interested can view the petition pagehere.

According to Florida state statute this offense can be charged as a serious felony and the woman, if found guilty, can receive significant prison time.

As far as we know Dexter is still making a good recovery, though staff at the clinic caring for him remain watchful and concerned, due to possible brain injury and seizures.


We made several posts on Dexter following this one.

For more, see our Index of stories on Dexter kitten.
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107 thoughts on “Justice For Dexter Kitten: Care2 Petition Asks Maximum Prosecution For Attacker

  1. and shes having another kid to take up our much needed air so she can teach it to kill and abuse animals too stupid people should not breed!

    1. Could not agree with you more!!! I pray to God that He changes her heart full of evil and hatred and she becomes a staunch animal and human rights activist.

  2. This is terrible. She shouldn’t be allowed to be a mother. Put her ass away for several years and take her children (including the one she’s pregnant with) away from her while there’s still time to teach them to become better people than their ‘mother’ (I use the term loosley!) She should be sterilized as well.
    Unfortunately, we all know she’ll get a slap on the wrist, at best.

  3. Signed. Not only do they need to prosecute to the full extent of the law, but children’s services need to take the children away from this monster.

  4. It should be a crime and part of child abuse services should make laws for parents with small children a risk this is only the beginning if she is not already abusing the children most children will not willingly hurt an animal unless there is mental problems or they are being abused themselves sick woman does not deserve to create future manson family

  5. It should be a crime and part of child abuse services should make laws for parents with small children a risk this is only the beginning if she is not already abusing the children most children will not willingly hurt an animal unless there is mental problems or they are being abused themselves sick woman does not deserve to create future manson family

  6. So many things are going through my mind, but if I put them here, the popo would come looking for me!!! I just hope that Florida does something to this evil monster…I don’t really want to go to jail for beating the living DOO DOO out of a pregnant girl-but I would!!!!!!

    1. I agree, and how can she be able to have a child, and she will beat the child as well. It hurts to her that a baby kitten or kittens were hurt or killed. SIck, Sick, Sick

  7. Just signed!!! I hope they give her the maximum. I’m sure that won’t be too harsh unfortunately! She’s lucky I wasn’t there cause I would have taken the bat from her and hit her with it!!! What an evil beast she is!!!! I hope she burns in hell quite frankly!!!

    1. I would love to beat the living daylights out of her. She should be put to death in my opinion. I love cats by the way.

  8. Thank you for posting this & following up. Surely she must be able to be charged with some from of child abuse also.

  9. On the petition, I said I think the children are most likely being beaten and abused by their mother in the same manner that they tortured that little kitten.

  10. Signed the petition……. What kind of sick person does this? You can’t help but wonder what she does or has done to her children. We know what she’s teaching them and in my opinion the children should be removed from this situation which is clearly a dangerous one……… Praying for this situation.

  11. Signed, commented & shared petition! This cretinous woman should be given MORE than just the pathetically inadequate prescribed “maximum” jail sentence or fine. Make an example of her – put her to work, doing hard labour in a state MORTUARY, and keep her in solitary confinement after hours and on weekends, for the duration of her sentence. Do not allow her to have any contact with any living beings, especially not her kids, family or friends.

  12. Signed and delivered! This is disgusting and vile and that woman should be taken out of society now and put away where she will enver see the light of day!

  13. Now I’m wondering if they’ve done this kind of crime in the past and how many animals they might’ve possibly killed before, considering the fact that they did this in a public park and in front of others.

  14. Tears are running down my face as I’m writing this. I’m praying for Dexter’s recovery. I signed the petition. I just can’t say anymore at this point.

  15. This woman is clearly disturbed. Her children should be taken away from her, and never ever allowed near another animal again. That kitten is so precious, and to think the other one died, It makes me so sick. I feel like crying now. I have 3 beautiful cats, they are so innocent. Please put her in jail for a very long time.

    1. This woman should be sent to prison and her children taken away from her. She is a very sick person! I really pray that the courts sentence her.

  16. I pray that Dexter continues to progress and in the depths of my heart I hope that he will be able to somehow forget about this cruelity towards him and remember most the loving care he is now receiving. As far as I am concerned punishment for this crime will not be enough but I hope with the petition and the words of support this woman is given as much jail time as possible.

  17. Petition signed. Hopefully this evil woman will receive a nice long prison sentence. I doubt that those psychopath “children” of hers will receive any corrections time because they’re “children”… hopefully they’ll be put into a decent foster care family where they will receive as much counseling, treatment, and corrections as possible. We’ll probably hear more from these “children” in the future, though… unfortunately. At any rate, their mother should be spayed in order to keep her from producing any more psychopaths.

    God bless the children and adults who have done their part to help little Dexter… Dexter’s little sibling is watching from the Rainbow Bridge where he will watch over Dexter until he’s ready to join him there… no more pain, no more fear.

      1. I agree 100 % also. Too bad this country is so “free” in this type of situation. It would be great if the law could sterilize the bad people. It’s just going to get worse unfortunately.

    1. Your comments, Kathryn, are so correct. Psycopaths and serial killers start with the most helpless. She got her kids started-but what do we not know? What else have they done to animals and humans? Scary thoughts. People screech about animals sterilization, while it may help cats like Dexter, some people need to be considered for this treatment, as you pointed out so well.

      Those that helped Dexter, little boys who rushed to save him and his sibling and the vets and techs who cared and loved him are how humans should act.

  18. These kids are the future Ted Bundy”s of the world. Lets hope there is some help available to try and reverse the damage done to these kids at the hand of this twisted “mother”

    1. We can only hope and pray. Otherwise, I’m seeing a whole The Devil’s Rejects psycho-killer family affair in the not too distant future, when they graduate from animals to humans.

      May the Good Lord be with Dexter and those poor children. They’ll need Him.

  19. I’m certainly hope justice will be served to the fullest extent. She needs to locked up and have the key thrown away and/or give her a taste of her own medicine. That might be harsh but it’s not right to mistreat living things.

  20. This women is a monster. She lives near me, and she did do it. Take her kids and her, send them back to the moon where they should all be.

  21. The woman should be sentenced to maximum jail time and should have her children taken away from her. I pray the surviving kitty will be ok. I cry for the one who won’t.

  22. Never in my life did I think I would hear of such a thing. I know I am late to this but I am so appalled. A PREGNANT woman instructs HER CHILDREN to beat on animals. As much as I feel for the kittens and I do, my heart sunk but thinking of the psychological and emotional damage this woman has inflicted upon her innocent children enrages me! My children are taught to respect animals,discipline and love. I have a 6 year old cat who will tolerate just about anything. She comes up to my 15 month old and nuzzles him knowing full well he may fall on her and grab her ears. I am so grateful to have such a loving and patient animal in my life. I cannot for the life of me, every teaching my children to be violent toward anything other than self defense. This world is so scary. I hope I can give them enough life skills to protect themselves.

  23. This “woman” is disgusting! !! And to think she’s reproducing is even more appalling!!!!! We’ll see how seriously they take animal abuse/murder by the punishment she receives!!! She’s a cowardly killer and God will deal with her either way!!!

    1. I want to go to the court session to do something to make sure this woman is put away. Killing and torture of the most innocent among us, animals, has to stop.

  24. SIGNED! I hope they get this miserable excuse for a mother AND a human and punish her to the MAX!! Also the kids need to be taken away and put in boot camp or military school because NO GOOD will come out of those actions against kittens! I hope they get a huge ass whoopin’ Hell, I’d gladly do it MYSELF!!!!!

  25. And a hero’s celebrations should be given in the town to the boy who intervened to help these kittens. Give him money, praise, a parade, some new cool toys, make him look COOL….Make an example out of him to show other children that THIS is how to behave. Doing the RIGHT thing is cool.

  26. Brutal assult by “goodhearted” children?? Goodhearted people DO NOT assult animals. Lock mom up, take the kids away, and never let her have the baby shes pregnant with!!

  27. A life for a life! Them poor defenceless kittens did not deserve this, she should be treated as though she had taken a human life and receive the same punishment.

  28. I just signed the petition as well. I hope that this horrible excuse for a human being gets the maximum sentence that can be afforded in this case. Poor little Dexter. I don’t see how anyone would want to abuse adorable kittens such as this.

  29. I sign this petitition and only hope the B****h loses her kids and suffers a lifetime without love. How did she get knocked up in the first place-nasty, nasty nutso. We cannot allow this to stand! Make an example of her. She abused her kids as well-maybe that will touch the authorities.
    The boys who tried to save these kittens are human and I hope for the very best for them-the city should recognize their compassion.

  30. I have signed the petition. I was truly heart broken when I heard this,I can not understand why someone would do this she needs to pay and we need to have more severe punishments for such cruelty. If she can do this to a animal what was she doing to her children.

  31. This sadistic bitch has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She has denied the charges and has received hundreds of angry letters. She said the letters has ruined her life–boo-fucking-hoo. Dexter was euthanized after suffering constant seizures. The offender deserves all the mercy she showed her tiny, defenseless victims.

  32. It has been proven that an adult or a child who sadistically abuse an animal will eventually do the same to a human being. Wilana Frazier has earned the maximum penalty allowed by law AND she should be forbidden to own animals for the rest of her lifetime. God help those children. The authorities should keep a very close watch on this woman and her unfortunate offspring. I feel so sad for you, Dexter but I have faith that you are in a place where there are only loving humans.

  33. Dexter passed away, that bitch should be dead! I have pets that drive me crazy and I dont even dare to touch them. how can someone be so mean! R.I.P Dexter <3

  34. I can’t believe that little Dexter is gone. I along with a lot of people was hoping that he’d make. The killers need to be punished. This is a crime and the worthless killer children will not be good to society if they are allowed to get away with this terrible killing. The so called mother should be punished to the maxium and she should be ban from ever owning an animal in the future. I hope that this petition does some good.

  35. Thank you for relaying this information through Facebook. I have signed the petition and shared it on my Facebook wall and encouraged others to read the post and sign the petition.

  36. Hi, I have just learned of Dexter’s death. I am very sorry. May the persons who did this–the mother and her kids–be punished and receive stiff sentences. There is no excuse for what they did. If the mother did not like stray kittens, she should have left them alone. Shame on her! Eugenia Renskoff

  37. signed and shared again in facebook!! cant even think about this sick hooman being or rather this VERMIN stalking our streets…she seem like the kind of person who would steal someones kittens and kill them for fun.

  38. signed and sent again. I really have no hope that they will do anything to her and her damaged children and that poor baby in her belly. all her kids should betaken away from her. and she should go to prison for encouraging them to do this kind of madness. say hello to future serial killers…

    1. Actually it seems that the state is going to prosecute with impunity on this horrible case ! So many witnesses including children and the intense publicity thanx to everyone of you that signed over 6 newspaper stories ABC TV news camera’s were at the last hearing and will be sure to be there Oct 28 . the pretrial has been extended to that new date.(from the Sept 27 Hearing). A plea may be offered but jail time and many years of probation are very likely to be in that not so sweet deal! The maximum jail sentencing would be over ten years just for the 2 animal abuse felonies the child sbuse charges also figure in strongly in the outcome. The Demon from hell Frasier will not walk away from this one. the eyes of the worlds (and all the local press are watching. The County of Hernando is a poor hardened one and not known for leniency in their conservative , old fashioned Southern justice quickly dispensed actions. The defendant in this case doesn’t have F Lee Bailey only a female public defender and extensive legal manipulation and argument is not to be expected from inexperienced public defenders (99% of which are new young lawyers.their first job in their legal careers. Precedent for jail has already been set in Florida for the scum who was running a dog fighting ring and first blood has already been drawn so to speak!. This case may be plead out but don’t think the monster mom will walk free. This is florida not liberal California.. the judge in the case is known to be very through in his expedient dispatching of guilty.criminals and mercy will not be shown in this case in my humble opinion. My poor cat Sonny was murdered with an axe handle by my neighbor’s brat many years ago, before animal abuse felony laws were enacted. Police were not cooperative, Sonny’s death will be avenged by prosecution of Dexter and Drake’s killer. Rest assured all of you are helping by signing and promoting my petition to jail this monster!

  39. we signed “Mom and kids beat kittens with baseball bat”
    # 44,822

    I wish I could thank personally everyone of you that signs and promotes Dexter’s petition please also sign the Dexter Stamp petition it is linked at end and written by a friend is about attaching a Dexter stamp on Abusers’s Identification Cards for all to see


    First Strike and You’re Out: A Model Law( a national effort by large animal welfare group)


    A good friend in England, who helped with this petition, has established a Face Book page to help promote this and the Dexter Stamp petition! Thank you Diane B.! You are a special animal defender and a kind loving person to volunteer so much of your personal time and effort


    *This petition will never close but all signatures will be sent to the Attorney’s office and state legislature to change laws of animal abuse and penalties and mandatory sentencing policies..To be a template for crime and punishment for civilized behavior and laws throughout the entire world
    it will updated to reflect such as it occurs!…

    ‘You must be the change you want to see in the world’ Mohandas K. Gandhi
    Thank you again for helping the voiceless

  40. Although the frequency of posts about abuse here is tremendously saddening & disgusting, I must wholeheartedly commend everyone involved in this endeavor for publicizing these atrocious horrors perpetrated upon the innocent by the savage mess that some humans have let themselves or their children become. If only I could throw a ton of money your way to support your work!

    Take heart, dear readers, that most parents with children who own pets are quite mindful of this sort of behavior & make every effort to curtail it at the onset, in every instance of which we are aware. Our smaller family members are quite fragile & not invulnerable to even the slightest too-tight “caress”.

    Be sure your children are not taking out any frustration for whatever reason on their pets. As my 7-year-old son bonds more every day to his pets, he is still prone to exert more force than is appropriate in some of his “embraces”.

    When your children are with their pets, be highly aware of the situations that may evolve, particularly when they do not believe you are tuning in to their actions & words.

    1. I can appreciate your view point and like your avid support. However one thing further needs to be said. No one should expose pets to very young children the (death for most all) shelters are packed with pets who defended themselves against infants and toddlers . Children are exploratory and innocently pull a cats tail naturally when it flees The death of countless pets is attributed to: it scratched my child, it bit my child. Why does this happen ? Its the parents’ fault of course. Often kids having kids: sadly seem to be the most common source of this incidents.Responsible pet ownership is last thing on these immature parent’s mind just like consequences wasn’t on their minds when they had unprotected sex!

      Thanks again to all who are promoting! Lack of plea bargain is assuring a jail sentence When a case is allowed to go to trial the state demands such for its time and importance given the case to make an example!. This was told to me by a lil bird ,who knows the ropes: an former prosecutor (State Attorney)
      We signed “Mom and kids beat kittens with baseball bat”
      # 46,887
      ‘Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster… When you look long into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.’ — Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900) Careful… to quote the Dalai Lama ‘you have to take countermeasures..’ when queried about his view on death of Bin Laden
      Personally I also do not forgive nor forget the wrongs of man but seek to counter them with all available means at my disposal… ..

  41. Thank you for starting this petition! Thank you to the little boy that stepped in to save Dexter!!!! You are a great brave hero young man, your Mom should be quite proud!I truly hope wilana frazier gets mopped up by someone soon!!!Dirty punk scumloser bitch!!

  42. MonsterMom’s pretrial hearing has been extended now for the ninth time. to April 13th. She had fired her public defender last time, now new lawyer is asking for more time to properly prepare her defense. Do not be discouraged this means no plea deals is being accepted jail time is certain probability for Frasier. The spawn of Satan has no where to run or hide: the infamy of her actions haunt her, and the anger of the wise judge in preventing a mistrial attempt by desperate defense counsel are strategy maneuvers! The wheels of American Justice may not be fast but no escape from jail time is bound to be eventual outcome of this horrible criminal’s deed.

    Please keep promoting and signing! I send updated CD’s to the Small State Attorney’s Office as an electronic Transmission would overwhelm the small office’s server. Care2 has told me to do this! This also allows the petition to remain open to remain serving as a standard for Animal Abuse crime and punishment though out the entire World!

    We signed “Mom and kids beat kittens with baseball bat”
    # 54,047
    08:14, Mar 19, Angie Opie, AZ
    They should Fine her Throw her ass in jail, and take away her kids as well….She’s a Brutal Person!!!! I mean in jail for a long time, and make her do community service with animals supervised of course….

  43. Sadly the 2 kittens killed did nothing . Monster Mpm’s kids were caught with a stolen bike they had stolen. The bike was returned… but Monster Mom had the kids kidnap the owners 2 little Hemingway kitties polydactyl toed kittens (extra toes) and bring them to the park. Where she showed them–> her brats how to extract justice -hood style- for their getting caught bike stealing. Truly a sick monster she is! Deserves to have her head beat with a baseball bat herself in my opinion. Thanks to all who have signed! This friday is pretrial hearing no.#8 April 13th! signed “Mom and kids beat kittens with baseball bat”
    # 54,367
    05:09, Apr 08, Mrs. Irina Volovik, Russian Federation

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