20 Year Old Cat Dumped at Shelter Finds a Home

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Animal Lovers helped a 20 year old calico cat who ended up at the shelter to find a home where she can live out the rest of her days.

Shylo came to the Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) shelter in Orlando, Florida on May 29 and only had seven days to be adopted or pulled for rescue. At least two Craigslist ads, with different approaches, were placed on her behalf in an effort to find Shylo a home, and local the local pet networking community pitched in to help.

Shylo’s adoption profile said: “Hi, my name is Shylo. I am an approximately 20 year old tortie and white spayed female. I am friendly and I have been at Orange County Animal Services since Thursday, May 29, 2014. My due out date is Thursday, June 05, 2014. A FUREVER CAT GUARDIAN”

The earlier Craigslist ad, from May 30 reads: IMMEDIATE RESCUE NEEDED (OCAS) – “Unbelievable! Heartless human abandons 20 YEAR OLD kitty at shelter. That’s 96 in human years! Please help her! Can’t EVEN imagine her despair! This is SERIOUS folks! If you know of any rescues please notify them ASAP. Pray for her! MEOW!”

A Craigslist ad on June 2 made the connection between 20 year old Shylo and 23 year old Poppy, who was being celebrated worldwide as the Guinness Records holder of the oldest living cat (with proper documentation), saying: 20 Year old cat shy 3 years of being the world’s oldest (OCAS) – “This lovely calico beauty was abandoned at OCAS on May 29th. Shylo has till Thursday, June 5th to get her chance to challenge for the Guinness Book of World Record’s oldest living feline. Current record holder is 23 years old. As of Saturday (May 31st) she was healthy, alert, lovely fur (must have had quality food) and active. Please someone rescue her and help her achieve the record. HURRY HER TIME IS LIMITED! Shylo is friendly and considering her current living conditions is STILL LOVING HUMAN TOUCH. She’s a winner! MEOW!”

An animal lover named Linda, who appears to have written the Craigslist ads,  shared the good news of Shylo’s adoption with the Orlando Sentinel on Sunday June 15, saying: “Meet Shylo, the 20-year-old cat that was surrendered at the local animal shelter in Orlando, Fla., on May 29, 2014. Against monumental odds she found a forever home and new guardian. Shylo is a 13- 15-pound calico who won the hearts of the local networking community. Thanks to them and her new angel, Shylo will retire a final time. Just shy of the Guinness Book of World Records’ oldest living cat, Shylo is very vocal although her meow is more crackly than a normal meow. Understandable as she is comparable to a 96-year-old human. She is still quite active and mobile and has a lovely fur coat. Community success story in these times. MEOW! One kitty miracle at a time!”




3 thoughts on “20 Year Old Cat Dumped at Shelter Finds a Home”

  1. Although they did drop her off at a shelter and leave her it’s a long way better than a lot of people who would dump their pets in the woods and think they’d survive just fine. Glad she found a home 🙂

  2. Wow, 20-year-old cat is a big deal. It sure is heartless to abandon it that way, but I’m just glad the kitty found a new home and is okay =3

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