Zachary Gets Help

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Zachary, Joe’s territorial cat, did not seem to like Miss Kitty, Robert’s cat, and the men decided to permanently separate the cats, which made for a lot of maneuvering but did not make things much better. In fact, Zachary became more and more aggressive, especially after the death of a third cat, who had been his companion.

Joe and Robert consulted with an animal communicator who offered them some helpful advice and everyone is happier now. Whether Zachary actually “spoke” to the communicator or not is a matter for speculation, but the woman was able to give useful advice to the petparents, if only by accessing the situation.

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  1. i was wondering if all male tabbies are like that? i have a male tabby that does that, he don’t attack humans though. But he can be mean to my other male tabby (his son) howcan i get him to stop?

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