Woman Says Her Cat Saved Her Life

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A Durham, NC woman says her cat woke her up to alert her when their house caught fire on Thursday. The woman and all of her cats escaped unharmed.

Virginia Wright credits one of her 10 cats with saving her life when fire broke out at their Durham, North Carolina home early yesterday morning. The 63 year old told a reporter from the Herald Sun, “My cat came and jumped in my face, and that’s how I woke up. The reason I didn’t die this morning is because the Lord knows I’ve been putting out some good stuff, so He still needed me here.”

Virginia’s cats are staying on the  back porch, where she is caring for them for the time being. Some media reports indicated that there may have been 40 cats in the small house and noted that Durham Animal Control had visited the scene. The Herald Sun says that Virginia was told by animal Control to vaccinate 9 of her 10 cats for rabies, and that an officer said the cats are healthy and came through the fire without injury.

Considering that everyone is unharmed, it may be that the one cat saved all of the others from smoke inhalation injury in the time before the fire department arrived. Fire officials say the blaze started in the front room and was contained there.

Virginia is a cat lover and caregiver. Her own cats are rescues, and she goes without in order to feed neighborhood strays. She says her cats are okay after the fire but do not like the disruption to their lives.

The local NBC affiliate posted this raw footage from the scene, made after the fire.

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