Woman Feeding Cats in Abandoned House Rescued After Being Buried Alive by Debris

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Only a part of Mary Kelly’s face could be seen when she was found buried beneath 200 pounds of debris after a wall collapsed in an abandoned house where she fed stray cats, trapping her for two days. Firefighters dug her out yesterday, and she is thought to have suffered only minor injuries.

Friends knew that the 76 year old woman fed stray cats in the empty house in Jeannette, PA, so they looked for her there when she hadn’t been seen for a couple of days. Mary’s friend Janet Bittinger and Janet’s son Rich discovered what had happened, and those witnessing the scene said it was remarkable that they could even hear her cries for help coming from beneath the rubble. A supporting wall in the cellar of the empty house had collapsed and buried Mary alive. Firefighters say it is miraculous that Mary was found and seems to be uninjured except for a broken ankle. She remains in a Pittsburgh hospital today.

Residents on the street where the accident occurred call Mary the Cat Lady and say she comes by twice a day to feed cats in several abandoned houses on that block.


Update: While early reports say that emergency responders thought Mary had only suffered a broken ankle, she remained at Allegheny General Hospital in serious condition on Friday.



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