Woman and Rescuers Search For Cat Believed Trapped in Building’s Rubble

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Linda Monson and others believe Sassy remains trapped under the debris left by an apartment complex fire. They are having trouble conducting the search for her, and do not have the support of the fire chief.

Linda Monson, neighbors, and area rescuers all feel that Linda’s 10 year old rescue cat Sassy remains in the wreckage of the Sherman, Texas apartment complex where she lived until a fire destroyed it last week. Searchers have only been given limited access and fear for the cat’s safety and ability to survive.

The fire chief says he does not believe Sassy is alive in the debris, and the property management company overseeing the wreckage of the destroyed apartment complex  cite liability as an impediment to allowing a full search.

It remains to be seen whether publicity from this story, run yesterday on local TV, will aid the rescuers in their effort.

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