Woman acts terrified of kittens, abetted by TV host therapist.

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We nominate them  for Razzies … Is there a category for overacting in a reality show?

A therapist and program host hams it up with a great big woman who is supposedly terrified of kittens in a clip from an upcoming episode from Animal Planet’s program My Extreme Animal Phobia.  It plays more like My Extreme Bad Acting.

Some may recall that Animal Planet is the same channel that used the freak angle when they featured two-headed Janus cat Frank and Louis, instead of treating him with respect as a sweet creature with a physical anomaly.

Well, here they are … a therapist and two women going into the kittens’ den, a well lit area with kittens behind glass in roomy enclosures, at an SPCA shelter.

3 thoughts on “Woman acts terrified of kittens, abetted by TV host therapist.”

  1. I really didnt like this i had a friend who was terrified of birds. she used to go to her car in the parking lot and look under the car to make sure a bird was not going to fly out and “get” her. we cannot understand this type of fear. I have a terror of spiders that is unreasonable.and mentioning her size was totally unneeded. plus some people just dont like cats. period!

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