Who’s calling the shots at #10 Downing Street? Larry?

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Larry, the famously disinterested feline currently employed in the traditional role of mouser at the UK Prime Minister’s official residence at 10 Downing Street, London, has the firm support of  staff and the PM, despite recent embarrassing events.

Larry was otherwise engaged when a mouse appeared at a recent dinner with Cabinet Ministers at the residence, and PM David Cameron, himself, dealt with the rodent by flinging a fork in its direction. Work and Pension’s Secretary Iain Duncan Smith was quoted saying, of the incident, “Where’s Larry when you need him?”.

When asked if Larry should resign his position, the PM’s spokesman said no, and continued, “Larry brings a lot of pleasure to a lot of people.” The spokesman has previously asserted that Larry shows high prey drive and enjoys playing with his toy mice.

In June, David Cameron defended Larry, saying he had caught three mice during his four months at 10 Downing. Larry is one of a long line of cats-in-residence at the Prime Minister’s official residence.

When Larry came to 10 Downing Street from Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, he was expected to show a keen talent for hunting prey, due to his time on the streets. Larry has seeminly turned his back on those rough and tumble days, and prefers the good life. Well, wouldn’t we all?

In September, a spokesman for the Royal Parks confirmed the rumor of a close friendship between Larry and a cat named Maisie, who lives nearby at the St. James Park caretakers cottage. Ministerial aides say Larry spends most of his time either napping or visiting with Maisie.

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  1. That is such cute and adorable cat and I just love the story that goes along with. Well I am with Larry about just laying back and basking in the nice life with everyone catering to your every needs.

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