Volunteers help stranded cats and dogs after Russian floods

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Saving animals in Nizhnevartovsk

Volunteers came to the aid of animals stranded after flooding in Nizhnevartovsk, Western Siberia earlier this month.

A state of emergency was declared after the worst flooding in the area’s history.

Flood waters rising from the Ob river caused many area residents to flee their homes and left many others in surrounding villages stranded.

In densely populated Nizhnevartovsk, most people were evacuated, leaving their pets to certain death, according to video creator Ignoramusky, who is best know for his funny cat videos, but made an exception to post the video below, which shows volunteers helping stranded, abandoned dogs and cats.

At the time the video was shot, the pets had been stranded for two weeks.

The animals were alone in the disaster area with only a few volunteers to help them survive.

Ignoramusky says there were not enough people and a lack of special equipment and transport to evacuate the animals, so the volunteers did their best to visit and feed the pets.

Often using boats without engines, the volunteers rowed and paddled from place to place, making their efforts extremely exhausting and time-consuming.

Watch this video of volunteers visiting the cats and dogs of Nizhnevartovsk:

Ignoramusky provides contact info for those who wish to help HERE. He writes in Russian, but Google Translate makes the information readable.





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