Two Paws

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Two Paws  was born with a condition that causes her to get around using just her two front legs.  She was living with a feral colony when she was rescued not long ago, and had adapted very well to her special condition and its mobility issues. She got some much needed medical care and is doing well in her foster home.

The Windsor/Essex Humane Society tells Two Paws’ story, in an introduction to the short video seen below:

“On August 14, 2013 a very special cat arrived at the Windsor/Essex Humane Society in Windsor, Ontario. The cat had been part of a feral colony, and her caregivers had named her TwoPaws based on her unique way of getting around. TwoPaws alternates between scooting along on her belly, and walking on her healthy two front legs. Her ability to walk on two legs displays an admirable level of resilience, and is inspirational to watch.

“Medical examination found that TwoPaws had a severe genetic condition that left her back legs severely deformed. She was also suffering from an acutely infected uterus, which needed to be treated immediately through surgery. Dr. Aimee Seguin, Director of Medical Care and Welfare for the Humane Society performed the surgery and continues to guide TwoPaws on her road to recovery. Based on her condition and age, surgery to repair her legs is not possible but TwoPaws doesn’t seem to mind. She is enjoying for probably the first time in her life relaxing indoors on a cosy bed, playing, and having all the food she wants readily available.

“TwoPaws is currently staying in a volunteer foster home where she gets healthier every day. We anticipate that she will continue to recover quickly and will soon be ready to find an adoptive home where she will be loved and cared for.”






In addition to their website, Windsor/Essex Humane Society maintains an active Facebook page.


Any donations to help TwoPaws continue on her road to recovery are welcomed, and may be directed to the Humane Society’s Pumpkin Fund. Donations may be made online, or in person at 1375 Provincial Road, Windsor.



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