Tuffy the Tiny Kitten Is Rescued After Abuse and Dumping

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Poor little Tuffy was tossed in a dumpster after someone poured paint in his eyes. He was rescued and is in foster care.

A neighbor living near the dumpster in Albuquerque, NM heard the kitten’s cries and rescued him. Tuffy is receiving medical attention, is in a loving home while in foster care, is expected to be available for adoption in a few weeks if his recovery continues on track. Tuffy is bothered by his eyes and the doctors say it’s wait and see before they know if there will be lasting damage.

Officials are investigating the animal abuse torture case. anyone who needs to report animal abuse or provide tips in Albuquerque can call 505) 242-COPS.

Kitten’s eyes covered in paint, trashed: krqe.com

3 thoughts on “Tuffy the Tiny Kitten Is Rescued After Abuse and Dumping”

  1. We seriously need the death penalty for any animal cruelty. People are nuts. come on these are innocent animals…

  2. I WISH I could get to the slimeballs that do things like this.

    Jail would be the LEAST of their worries.

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