Truck Stolen With Cat as Man Sleeps in Back

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A WA man awoke to find his truck being driven off, with his beloved cat up front.

Jeffery Young carried on a distraught phone call with an Olympia, Washington 911 operator beginning at 1:14 am  on Thursday after his pickup truck was stolen as he slept in the back and his cat stayed up front. Police used the transmission to track the vehicle as Mr. Young called out landmarks on the drive.  The thief eventually turned down a side road when he realized the had a human passenger, and came at Mr. Young with a knife, causing him to run off.

After the thief drove away, leaving him lost on a dark road, Mr. Young cried into the phone “They took off! I’m on foot! My cat’s caught up in the truck!”

One local TV station has released audio from the actual 911 call, where Mr. Young is completely distraught and repeatedly talks about his cat over the length of the call.  He is concerned that the thief may have let his cat out and heartsick with worry about getting him or her back.  One news source says that Mr. Young had been living in his truck.

Police are actively investigating the case, and are asking for the public’s help. The pickup is a silver 1989 Toyota with a brown canopy, Washington license B59457N. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Olympia, WA Police Department at 360-704-2740.


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  1. My heart goes out to this poor man and his cat. I hope by some miracle they are reunited. Hopefully the public will be on the lookout and help the cat and his caregiver.

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