Trouble’s Second Chance

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Cat Care Society (CCS) has built its year-end appeal around the success of recent work with a rescue cat named Trouble. Trouble’s story is an all-too-common tale of mistreatment by humans, which thanks to the work of Cat Care Society ends with Trouble finding his forever home and getting a second chance.

Cat Care Society, Lakewood, CO – December 5, 2013 – Cat Care Society (CCS) has built its 2013 year-end appeal around the success of work with a rescue cat named Trouble, sharing reasons to support CCS on Colorado Gives Day (Tuesday, December 10) and during the holidays. The announcement is made by Diane Stoner, CCS board president, who says: “The story of Trouble is an all-too-common tale of mistreatment by humans and again shows our Cat Care Society’s determination to find all our cat residents perfect forever homes.”

When Trouble and his siblings were kittens, not only did they not get fed on a regular basis, but they were also chased frequently by mean individuals with power tools.

Luckily, Trouble and the other kittens were rescued from this inhumane torment. Trouble found a home with a kindly lady who was able to give him several years of loving care before becoming gravely ill. Although she was in southern Colorado, she was aware of the Cat Care Society, and her wish was that Trouble come up to the Lakewood shelter to be cared for.

Regrettably this intention wasn’t spelled out clearly in her will; Trouble was sent instead to a shelter in Colorado Springs, and in a further mix up that nearly turned tragic, somehow a euthanasia order got attached to Trouble’s file. One of our CCS directors learned of Trouble’s situation and her intervention resulted in Trouble finally reaching the CCS shelter; she visited him often during his first week here. Adoption followed in a few days, and Trouble went home with this caring CCS board member.

Trouble found a new home, and his second chance in this loving home he’s been in over a year and a half now, sharing it with two West Highland white terriers (or “Westies”) and a cat named Spot. Despite his traumatizing start in life, he’s a gentle boy who hasn’t lived up to the “Trouble” name at all.

“The story of Trouble’s early life is disturbing, but ultimately it’s the same uplifting tale of second chances and love experienced by so many of the cats we have known and cared for at Cat Care Society. It also illustrates how everyone in our organization – staff, volunteers, and our board of directors – gets involved and acts when there’s word of a cat in trouble,” Stoner concludes.

CCS does not receive any government funding; all financial support comes from the community in the form of private donations.



A TV PSA tells viewers about the Cat Care Society and its work for the animals.


About Cat Care Society

Founded in 1981, CCS is a nonprofit organization established to improve the quality of life for homeless, injured and abused cats in the Denver metropolitan area. The Society’s goals are: 

* To sponsor educational programs that promote responsible pet ownership, humane treatment of all animals, and the elimination of pet overpopulation; 

* To shelter cats in a healthy, cage free environment and to find compatible and responsible families for every cat; 

* To provide community outreach programs that improve the quality of life for cats and people; 

* To be a friend to all cats. 

The CCS is supported by a number of loyal members and contributors, without whom the shelter could not operate.  CCS receives no government funding. For more information, visit

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