Trooper Meets Trooper

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Trooper the cat gained international fame when he was found frozen to the ground in Newfoundland last winter. The cat and his friends recently met Canadian rock band Trooper, with whom they share a special relationship, at a concert venue.


Gwen Samms, from Newfoundland rescue group SCAPA, used pots of warm water to thaw poor Trooper from the ground on a February day, earlier this year. Trooper had sat with serious and painful pelvic injuries, frozen for over 24 hours to a family’s driveway before someone arranged for help to come. After his story became known, donations from the public paid for Trooper to have much needed surgery to amputate a leg. The leg had to be removed, not from the break, but from dead tissue resulting from severe frostbite.

Gwen, her sister Dolores, and SCAPA have cared for Trooper ever since. Trooper’s story made international headlines and brought him many friends and supporters. Those supporters maintain the Troopers for “TROOPER” group at Facebook. Those who rallied ’round Trooper at the time of his rescue have maintained their sense of community and continue to do good and raise money in his name.


Trooper, in March, with his gifts from Trooper

Our post Trooper Continues His Healing Journey, of March 24, discusses the connection between Trooper the cat and Trooper the Canadian rock bank. After learning about the cat and his story, the musicians sent a goody package to the cat.


Recently Trooper and Trooper met at a concert venue, and took some pictures. SCAPA founder and Trooper’s rescuer, Gwen Samms, was excited to meet the band she has long admired.  Trooper played a show in Pasadena, Newfoundland, last weekend,  and Gwen and a group of friends took the cat to meet the band. Gwen, Trooper and SCAPA all hail from Newfoundland, as well.

There are photos and videos, and reminiscences about the meeting of Trooper and Trooper going up and down the wall at the Troopers for “TROOPER” page. A look at the page shows that everyone had great fun. The cat and his crew rode to the concert in style, in a limo with the band’s music playing.


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This video covers the story of the meeting.

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