Tripod kitty Lily survives devastating fire and is found days later

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Lily.  Photos via RSPCA Plymouth & SW Devon Branch at Facebook


A three-legged cat missing for days following a devastating fire has been found.

Lily survived the fire at a block of flats in Devonport, a section of Plymouth, UK that killed another cat and left nearly 100 people and their pets homeless last week.

A security company employee spotted Lily on Monday and and an RSPCA officer came out the the scene with a trap to rescue the cat.

Lily’s petmom had already provided the RSPCA’s  Plymouth & SW Devon Branch with a photo of Lily and asked officers to help find her. The RSPCA has been assisting pets displaced by the fire and reuniting them with their families.

RSPCA inspector Sarah Morris, who came to Lily’s rescue, said: “It is a miracle that Lily managed to survive this terrible ordeal and we still don’t know exactly how she managed to get through this almost unscathed. Not only did she make it through the fire but she has also then got through the last week without any food, so she is clearly a fighter.

“It just goes to show how strong animals are in times of adversity and how versatile they really can be when tragedy hits.

“We also really can’t thank Ryan Hopkins from K9 Security enough for his help in this rescue operation. He was so helpful and kind and kept an eye on the trap overnight for us so that we could catch her and bring her out safely today.

“Lily has now been to see a local vet and it has been confirmed that she is healthy other than her singed whiskers. She will be being reunited with her worried owner who was over the moon to discover that her cat had been found alive and well.”

RSPCA Plymouth & SW Devon Branch wrote at Facebook Tuesday: “We are so very pleased to announce that Lily the three legged cat presumed dead in the Devonport fire has been successfully recovered after nearly a week. She is totally fine and is being monitored by a local vets. She has singed whiskers and superficial burns but remarkably she appears relatively well. The Inspectors wanted to especially thank Ryan from K9 security who assisted greatly with the monitoring and trapping of this lovely cat……. The owner is aware she is safe.”

The branch added this update today: “We wanted to update you further about Lily the little cat that survived the fire in Devonport. The Inspectors have provided us with some photos and report that Lily is doing really well despite being trapped since last Wednesday. Shes had a full vet check and apart from having singed whiskers and a tiny burn on her ear so is totally fine. She was spotted by a security guard Ryan on Sunday and was trapped by Inspector Morris on Monday night. We are thrilled that she made it through what can only be described as a horrific ordeal.”


Lily in the cat trap


Ryan from K9 security that spotted Lily and helped the Inspectors by monitoring the cat trap.


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