Toxoplasmosis: Should you worry?

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Toxoplasmosis. That weighty word has sat at the beginning of many a hysterical headline and sensational story intended not so much to inform the public of a potentially dangerous disease as to indulge in scaremongering against cats.

Here, Rob Moore, video creator and petdad to famed internet celeb cats Kodi and Shorty, gives a reasonable and informed presentation on the disease and the likelihood of your contracting it from your cat.

Rob writes in his introduction at YouTube: If you have cats, you’ve probably heard of the dangers of contracting Toxoplasmosis, a potentially fatal disease, from our cats’ feces. Is it really something to worry about, or is it just a sensational headline? We examine the facts and prevention tips. If you have any concerns or questions about Toxoplasmosis regarding you or your cat, please contact your health care provider and/or veterinarian.

For more information, Rob recommends that viewers read his ShoKo Show blog post, Toxoplasmosis and Your Cat.  He notes that the recommendations in his article are largely drawn from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention page Parasites Toxoplasmosis (Toxoplsma Infection) and links to a printable pdf of the CDC’s informative pamphlet, Toxoplasmosis: An Important Message for Cat Owners.

Watch and learn:

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