Tigress the Cat is Firefighter’s First Career Rescue

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Albany, Ohio firefighter Amber Deardorff holds Tigress after rescuing the cat from a fire that destroyed her family’s home on Monday, June 16.


Tigress was rescued by a volunteer firefighter in Albany, Ohio when her family’s home burned last week.

Petmom Jessica Medley and her husband and young son left the house about an hour before the fire broke out on Monday afternoon, June 16, with only Tigress at home.

The Albany volunteer fire department fought the fire with help from nearby crews. The old farmhouse was completely destroyed, as the roof collapsed shortly after firefighters arrived and responders were unable to enter the home before the power was cut off. The residence was a total loss by the time firefighters could safely enter the building.

Albany firefighter Amber Deardorff told how she rescued Tigress the cat, in the first rescue of her career.

“It was right after the roof collapsed. We were pulling the grill off the porch to get that (propane) tank away from the fire and the cat was hiding on the grill,” said Deardorff. “She was extremely scared but she calmed down.”

“Anytime you save a life, human or animal, it’s a good thing,” Deardorff told The Athens Messenger.

Tigress was reunited with her family after being checked out at the vet. The family is being assisted from the local Red Cross.





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