Therapy Cats Fred, Madison and Angelina are Recognized for their Work

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Fred soothes humans and animals alike at a NJ veterinary hospital. Madison and Angelina bring comfort and smiles at a Veterans Hospital and nursing homes. They were all inducted into the NJVMA 2012 Animal Hall of Fame earlier this month.

The three cats are among six animals chosen by the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association as this year’s Hall of Fame honorees in recognition of animals who excel in service and in their contribution to the human-animal bond. The judges look for pets who show exceptional affection, bravery, or empathy, make a difference in someone’s life, or who are simply special in unique ways.

Fred, Madison and Angelina all exemplify the award’s goals, as they provide comfort and companionship to those who need it.

Fred is cat in residence at the Best Friends Animal Veterinary Hospital in Mays Landing NJ. His video profile follows.

Madison and Angelina are among about 10 cats of the Edwards, a couple who take them to visit the Veterans Hospital and nursing homes. They were nominated by Three Rivers Holistic Veterinary Services in Madison NJ. Their video profile shows them working at their mission.


4 thoughts on “Therapy Cats Fred, Madison and Angelina are Recognized for their Work”

  1. This was just amazing and heartwarming. I wish more therapy cats were available to Veteran hospitals and nursing homes, as well as vet clinics like the one mentioned here. Nice job, kitties.

  2. Kitties who do therapy visits to nursing homes and hospitals are so well received, there aren’t nearly enough of them to help. The people they visit enjoy being with them. Their eyes smile as their hands pet the cats. The people are also helped medically as they become calmer and their blood pressure can drop from the pleasure of having a kitty sit on their lap and purr. These animal visits are happily looked forward to.

  3. I have 2 wonderful Sphynx cat and have been scouring NJ for a way to certify them as therapy pets. Does any one know where I can go to do that?

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