The Yelly Kitten: A Rescue Story

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VOKRA(Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association) volunteer Morgan Brayton encountered the Yelly Kitten while working on a big rescue project for the organization. She uploaded the video below on May 30.

Morgan writes:

“We’ve been trapping a feral colony this week and trying to get this little guy for 3 days. So far we’ve caught 31 cats and kittens. We’d already caught his siblings.

“Yesterday he sat under the house, hungry and yelling all day. Finally, he went into the trap.

“He yelled on the way in. He yelled at the Operations Centre.”

The poor little fellow yelled loudly – meowing forcefully yet pathetically at the same time – until he’d yelled himself hoarse. Finally, something happened that made everything all right. Watch and see what that something might be.

You can visit the VOKRA – Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association Facebook page for posts and photos from the rescue operation for this kitten’s colony. VOKRA has expended a lot in resources, both human and monetary, to deal with the mama cats and their kittens from this out-of-control situation.

The Yelly Kitten–A VOKRA Story:



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