The Rescue of Peter Parker and Matt Murdock

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The Rescue of Peter Parker and Matt Murdock

There was no way out for two kittens trapped 10 feet down an old chimney.

They had fallen into the hole while living in a space under the roof. After hearing meowing, the apartment residents called the Michigan Humane Society Rescue Team to come to the aid of the tiny kittens.

It took more than an hour to pull the kittens to safety, but the MHS Rescue Team’s Chris Ouwerkerk persisted and was able to get the kittens freed. Chris and the other  team members assisting on the rescue brought the kittens back to the organization’s Detroit Center for Animal Care where they were examined by staff, given vaccinations, dewormed and checked for injuries.

One of the kittens was not moving and appeared to be injured when he was spotted down at the bottom of the chimney space but he came to life once he was raised up and brought out to safety. He was determined to be in good shape and without injury when he was seen by MHS vets.

The other kitten was found to be in good shape, too.

Named Peter Parker (Spiderman) and Matt Murdock (Daredevil), after their rescuer joked they must have had super powers or something to survive that fall, the kittens were given time to recover from their ordeal and grow big enough for adoption  in a foster home.

The kittens were rescued earlier this summer and have since found their forever homes.

While the kittens were safely rescued and will go on to have good lives, Chris Ouwerkerk says that had people not heard their cries and called for help things would have ended in an entirely different way.

Watch the MHS video on the kittens’ rescue:










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