The Kittens & The Sandals – A Love Story

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Kitten cuteness overload from one of our favorite cat-loving video creators, DrNworb. Abby and Scooter LOVE sandals.

Abbey & Scooter (the kittens once known as Bonnie & Clive), along with their 4 siblings, were rescued from a life on the street when their very pregnant mum Cate was taken in by some kind strangers. Cate had been abandoned while pregnant but thanks to her rescuers and VOKRA (the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Assoc.) she got to give birth to and raise her kittens in a safe and loving environment. All 6 kittens were adopted in pairs into fabulous forever homes (Abbey & Scooter went together) and Cate found a fabulous new home too, she will never be abandoned again!


Video by devoted cat butler, VOKRA foster caregiver, and cat video creator extraordinaire Doug Brown, aka DrNworb. (click here to go to Doug’s cat video channel at YouTube).

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