The Kitten World Cup 2015

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The Kitten World Cup 2015


The Kitten World Cup 2015: Prance vs The All Cats

Cute kittens adorably and hilariously enact their own version of the France vs New Zealand game from this year’s Rugby World Cup.

New Zealand comedy duo Jono and Ben organized and filmed the game, where the two kitten teams scramble at play over a toy mouse.

As The Mirror describes play in the game, writing:

The game started in confusion, with lots of furry feet running in different directions, before the All Cats started to dominated by scoring a try, and destroying the posts in the process.

It was then that Prance started to play dirty, with number eight being put into the sin bin for scratching another opponent in the face.

All this led to the disapproval of All Cats coach Pug Hansen who is filmed shaking his head at the end of the match.

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