The Great Kitten Escape

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A litter of 6 foster kittens are having a fun time escaping from their nursing box in this cute video from Doug Brown, aka DrNworb.

The kittens and their mum Kami were rescued when the babies were just 2 days old.

Doug Brown, who fosters kittens and their mamas for VOKRA, the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, of Vancouuver, Canada, is fostering Kami and her kittens, along with his wife Sharon. Kami and her babies were rescued from an industrial site – the sandblasting area of  machine shop.

You can catch up on their story and see more on Kami and her kittens on Facebook at Doug’s page, DrNworb’s KitsCats.


Video by VOKRA supporter and foster volunteer, self-described cat butler and cat video creator Doug Brown, aka DrNworb (click here to go to DrNworb’s KitsCats YouTube channel).

You can follow DrNworb’s KitsCats at Facebook.

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Doug writes: One of the main reasons adopted kittens are returned to shelters is because they have not been properly litter box trained and have peed and pooed on beds and furniture. That is why the kitten rescue group we foster for (VOKRA) recommends that their kittens in foster care be kept in an enclosure until they learn to use the litter box consistently. If kittens are allowed to roam too freely at this age they will make unwanted messes everywhere, a fact we discovered with a former litter of foster kittens that we did not follow this rule with.




The Great Kitten Escape

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