The cats of Project Bay Cat are HAPPY!

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The happy and beautiful colony cats of Project Bay Cat on San Francisco Bay are back with their second, and charmingly edited, “Happy” video set to Pharrell’s infectiously happy song.



The Homeless Cat Network makes it their mission to help cats and kittens in need on the San Francisco Peninsula.

Among their efforts, Homeless Cat Network cares for the beautiful cats in a managed colony on San Francisco Bay.  The Project Bay Cats volunteers know the cats, their personalities and their relationships with one another, and have documented the loving relationships between and among the cats.

While the colony is managed in place, the volunteers try to find homes for those cats they think will do well living indoors. So far, over 100 cats from the colony have been adopted.

You can visit and follow the Homeless Cat Network at Facebook and the Project Bay Cat at Facebook.

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  1. When I visit my daughter in S.F. we always stop by to try to see some cats. It is a great program and these cats ARE happy and well cared for. Every community large or small needs a TNR program. It works!!!!!!!

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