The Black Cat Quiz

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Cat butler, petdad to Panther the black cat and his gray siblings Thunder and Monkey, foster caregiver and video creator Doug Brown aka DrNworb gets right at the heart of the matter in this cute PSA video about black cats and the lingering superstitions that affect them to this day.

Doug writes:

“Why do we need a Black Cat Appreciation Month around Halloween? Because ignorance and those stupid old superstitions about black cats being bad luck are still with us to such an extent that shelters will not even adopt black cats out at this time of year for fear that they will be used and abused as part of stupid and cruel Halloween pranks.

“So spread the word that black cats, just like other cats, make beautiful, sweet, loving and fabulous friends and family members too and the next time you are thinking about getting a cat please have a look in your local animal shelter and don’t overlook any black beauties that may be residing there, thanks!”

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