Sullivan’s Rescue

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A kitten was rescued after hitching a ride to the shelter as a stowaway in a car’s engine compartment.

Kitten stuck under hood of car is rescued by Michigan Humane Society

Car enthusiasts are always bragging about how their car’s engine “purrs,” but you can imagine the surprise when one metro Detroiter heard his car “meowing” one cool fall morning.

Outdoor cats seek shelter from the cold when temperatures start to fall, and a warm car engine can seem like a safe place to bunk down for the night. That is exactly where a cold, lonely kitten named Sullivan decided to seek shelter.

Perhaps frightened by the noise and commotion of his shelter suddenly coming to life, Sullivan found a place under the hood and wedged himself in, making it difficult for the car’s owner to reach the terrified kitten.

The driver decided to make a short and careful drive to the MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care for assistance. Once at the shelter, an MHS Cruelty Investigator got to work on coaxing the tiny kitten out of his hiding spot.

After Sullivan was freed, he was seen by an MHS veterinarian, given vaccinations and set up with a much safer temporary home inside the shelter with a blanket, food and water.

The shelter recommends checking the hood of your car before driving if you suspect there is a cat hiding under the hood but does not encourage people to drive in these situations.


Watch Sullivan and his story, and see the moment he was pulled from the car’s engine:

See Sullivan’s adoption listing at Petfinder HERE.

Sullivan’s listing says: I am always on the go – I would enjoy exercise, training and playing with you. I love to be petted and touched. You can pet me anytime. I may even ask to be petted. I don’t have a history with children, please let me meet yours. I had doggy friends in my previous home. I had kitty friends in my previous home I probably won’t shed much – I am pretty much “wash and wear”? I am not quite full grown, my adult size may be small (5 – 15 pounds). I use my litter box consistently. I enjoy meeting all sorts of people here. I am ready to find my forever family!


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