Stubby’s Story

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Stubby was a baby living in a hoarder’s house, injured and uncared for. Kings Harvest took in his family and others and this is Stubby’s Story and Happy Ending.

Stubby had an eye infection when he was rescued from a hoarder and came into the care of Kings Harvest Pet Rescue, in Davenport, IA. Though he was only 8 weeks old, life in a bad environment had taken its toll, and the kitten had to have most of his tail amputated because the tissue had died.

Little Stubby recovered from his eye infection and became a healthy, happy kitten. He wagged his little tailstub like a dog.

Despite being a black cat with an imperfection, Stubby was adopted into a loving family on his first day up for adoption at Petco.

Lynne Shadle is a King’s Harvest volunteer who admins the rescue’s Facebook page, photographs the animals and creates videos.

Lynne made the video that tells Stubby’s heartwarming story. The video ends with a segment looking forward to Stubby’s first Christmas in his new home, because she is entering it in Petco’s  Holiday Wish Grant Giveaway, which has a grand prize grant of $100,000 to the winning shelter. The contest wants to see happy ending rescue stories that show where the pets are spending Christmas this year.

Lynne says, “If we should be so lucky to win the $100,000 grant we will use that money to open a real shelter with open hours so people looking for just the right kitty can come in and fall in love. Then we can take care of so many more and grow from there.”

Here is Stubby’s story:


You can Like and follow King’s Harvest Pet Rescue at Facebook, and help them to get the increased exposure that helps to rehome pets.

King’s Harvest Pet Rescue web page at Petfinder has links to adoptable cats, and much more.

For more information on the King’s Harvest Ministries mission and programs, see the  Pet Assistance Program page at the King’s Harvest Ministries website.

Stubby and his boy.

Kings Harvest Pet Rescue is part of Kings Harvest Ministries in Davenport, IA.  The Ministries aids low income and homeless people in the area with food, shelter, clothes and a soup kitchen. They realized a few years ago that people were living in their cars with pets or dumping them on the street when they became homeless. Kings Harvest Pet Rescue was formed and started taking in pets on a temporary basis until the owner could get back on their feet, so they did not have to give up their pet. The people were helped with their other needs through the ministries. Sometimes people are able to take their pets back and sometimes they can’t.

A cat shelter was opened in a private home. The rescue is a 501c nonprofit and has grown to house 30 cats in that shelter. They have taken cats from hoarders’ homes or other bad circumstances, in addition to those animals they take for people losing their homes. The shelter does not have open hours because of its location in a home, and relies entirely on their Petfinder site, Facebook page, and adoptathons at Petco and Petsmart.

The rescue is an all volunteer effort.

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