Stowaway kitten is reunited with his family after car ride

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Kitten found under hood of car in Swansea, Wales UK is reunited with his owners thanks to microchip

A simple microchip has reunited a missing kitten found under a car’s hood with his owners.

A member of the public contacted the RSPCA after hearing the black and white kitten in Mumbles, Swansea, on Saturday, May 9.

Luckily, the kitten was able to escape his tricky predicament within the car’s engine compartment and the caller was able to keep him safe until the RSPCA arrived.

RSPCA animal collection officer Ellie West said: “Luckily he was microchipped and I could contact the owners straight away.

“It was a great happy ending. It really was a lovely reunion with the owners and especially for their four-year-old daughter who was delighted.

“He had being missing for five days and he must have traveled some distance under the bonnet of the car as he had been missing from the Llansamlet area and was found in Mumbles.”

The two communities area about 10 miles apart, but a car trip between them takes nearly a half hour.

“The owners were sensible enough to have him neutered and microchipped already and had used a £5 neutering scheme.”

Domino’s owner Kim Dodd said that the kitten, who is six months old, had been missing for five days.

“We put it on Facebook but we didn’t hear anything,” she said. “When Ellie rang I just burst into tears.

“It was amazing to have him back home. Maisy, my daughter, was so excited to see him. We’d like to thank the family who looked after Domino.

“It was so lucky he was checked to see if he had a microchip. I feel that if people can afford to feed their cat they can afford to have them chipped.”

The RSPCA reminds pet owners to get their pets microchipped to give them the best chance of being identified and returned home should they become lost.

The RSPCA also urges owners to get their cats spayed to protect them from getting pregnant and to help protect them from developing potentially deadly diseases of the ovaries and uterus.

Thanks to his microchip and some good luck, Domino the kitten is safely back home.



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