Special K’s Happy Homecoming

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Sheila Davis and her daughter Taylor Davis are reunited with Special K at the shelter.
Everett Animal Shelter photo


Special K’s family is delighted to have her home again after 2 years. Her microchip made the reunion possible when a good Samaritan brought her to the shelter she’d been adopted from 6 years ago.

Special K was adopted from the Everett Animal Shelter in Everett, Washington by Sheila Davis in 2008, and she went missing over Memorial Day weekend in 2012. She was recently brought in to the Everett Animal Shelter as a stray by a resident who spotted her wandering their neighborhood.  A chip scan revealed Special K’s background at the shelter and her family’s contact information, and she was reunited with her people last Friday.

The shelter wrote about the reunion at Facebook on June 16, saying: “Here’s why we do what we do – reunited with her family after two years, microchipped Special K has gone home to live “happily ever after”!”

Q13 Fox News reported on the story, saying Sheila and her family were living in Marysville, just north of Everett, in 2012 and they drove around that community posting fliers after special K disappeared but got no leads.  The family eventually gave up on ever seeing their cat again and mourned the loss. They have since moved to Everett.

“Special K was brought in as a stray last week, after she was found by a family in Marysville,” Everett Animal Shelter director Shannon Johnson is quoted saying in the Q13 Fox News report.

“It’s always a great feeling to reunite a family with their pet, but it’s especially incredible after she’d been missing for two years,” the shelter director said.

“She recognized my daughter right away,” Sheila said. “We thought she was gone forever and we’re just elated to have her back.”

A story in the Herald of Everett ties in Special K’s happy homecoming story with the Everett Animal Shelter’s participation in the ASPCA Rachel Ray $100k Shelter Challenge. The shelter says they need to rehome or reunite 1,600 cats and dogs by Aug. 31 in order to qualify for the $100,000 grand prize. The goal of 1,600 is double the number of pets rehomed/reunited by the shelter last summer.

The shelter will use the prize money, if they win, for low-income spay and neuter services, and possibly for vaccination and microchipping, as well.

Sheila spoke to the Herald about her cat, saying: “She’s the most laid-back, easygoing cat.”

“To have her come back is actually a blessing, and if she could talk, I’d love to know where she’s been the past two years.”

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  1. Kitty is saying “Mama, I been gone a long time and I saw a lot on my journey. But I’m back now and I missed you loads.”

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