Soba, Missing For 4 Years, Is found In Feral Cat Sweep and Returns Home

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Heather Grygier tried to find her missing cat, with no luck. Four years after she went missing, Soba was trapped this week and a microchip scan reunited her with her family.

Soba went out her family’s front door one day and never returned. Heather Grygier made an effort to find her cat and to make it easy for her to return, to no avail.

Things changed in recent days when Soba was picked up in a feral and stray cat trapping sweep and was brought to the Austin, TX Humane Society; she was found in a field less than 5 miles from home.

A routine microchip scan identified the long lost cat and Heather was notified via email, along with a photo of Soba.

Soba withdrew to the back of the trap when Heather first approached her, but she warmed up for ear scritches within moments. The reunion was captured on video.

Soba’s homecoming after 4 years stands as another testament to the value of microchipping.

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