Skittles is Headed 2,000 Miles Back Home After Long Ordeal and Online Fame

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Skittles escaped into a dangerous environment in the wild 2,100 miles from home by pushing her way through a screen in the RV she was traveling in, ending up in a strange landscape where for several weeks she had to find food while evading predators.

Skittles was on the road with her family in September, traveling from Pennsylvania on the way to her home in Reno, Nevada. She became lost during a stop at Pokagon State Park in Fremont, Indiana. Her family searched for her, then left their contact information with the park when they had to leave. Six weeks later,  Skittles was found, then transferred to a well known cat rescue group in Defiance, Ohio, where she has remained in preparation to going home. Skittles is scheduled to leave her temporary caregivers and go home on Thursday.

Friends of Felines Rescue Center took care of Skittles and has helped her to recover before she goes home. She was transferred to them on Saturday, October 6.  Skittles has become a well known figure through the group’s live 24/7 Kitty Cam, where hundreds, if not thousands, have followed her progress and donated to help get her home.

FFRC told Skittles’  story, in short, at their website on October 8:

Skittles is actually from Reno, but came to Indiana for a family reunion. She traveled with her family in an RV. While at the camp, she saw a bird and went thru the screen, straight into the woods. She was missing for weeks, when a Camp Ranger found her. Skittles is 15 years old and survived this event. She was then taken to a county shelter and was there for a few days.

We got involved thru an FFRC volunteer who asked if we could arrange transport from here to Reno. Of course, we would be happy to do so. Plans were made, but when Skittles arrived at FFRC on Saturday, we decided that she needed some time to recuperate before her long trip to Reno. She had fleas, ticks, was slightly dehydrated, urinating some blood and lost a couple pounds. Our vet also agreed with this decision and has advised us in her care. She had a much needed bath yesterday. This morning, she is doing so much better and is eating with interest now!

Her family comes onto the [Ustream life feed] cam, so we can show her to them! When she is much better, we will get her on her way to Reno. In the meantime, we’ll give her lots of love and care.

FFRV update, October 9: Wow–this girl’s appetite is picking up! This morning, when I walked into Thumper’s Room, she got up, chirped and met me at the door. Talk about heart-warming! It was wonderful, and of course, got her another big hug. She ate a good breakfast. She’s been combed and brushed–her fur is looking better already too.

WANE broadcast this story today.


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