Skinny: Fat Cat’s Weight Loss Success A Year Later

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vdjfjjgjSkinny could barely walk when he was brought to the Richardson Animal Shelter in Richardson, TX on September 13, 2012 after being found in a resident’s back yard.

Skinny weighed about 42 pounds when he was found in a woman’s fenced, gated back yard and was taken to the shelter. The huge orange and white tabby with the sweet disposition did not likely travel far or enter the yard by himself, given that he had great difficulty moving around. Between his weight, his cleanliness and his disposition, it was thought that he had recently been someone’s beloved pet. His life circumstances were a mystery that was never solved.

Skinny’s owner didn’t come forward in the week holding period, when his story was in local papers and on TV.  Given that most exceptionally obese cats live with the elderly, his person may have gone to a hospital or nursing home, or have died.

Although the shelter briefly put Skinny up for adoption, it was quickly decided that he should instead go to a shelter, rescue or veterinary facility experienced in helping such cases.  Skinny was given into the care of East Lake Pet Orphanage/Pet Hospital in East Dallas, where he soon made good progress  under the care of  Dr. Brittney Barton.

Dr. Barton adopted Skinny and opened her own practice, HEAL Veterinary Hospital, in Dallas, where Skinny has daily workout sessions on the underwater treadmill.

Skinny’s weight plateaued at 30-31 pounds, and the treadmill has helped him get fit and continue his weight loss.

He has now lost 15 pounds, and weighs in at around 25 pounds. Dr. Barton’s goal is for Skinny to eventually weigh 22 pounds.

Dr. Barton says Skinny has a food addiction and had to be prevented from tearing into pet food bags at the clinic. She tries to give him extra affection and other attention and rewards instead of treats.

Skinny is not just healthier and better able to walk now:  “As his weight loss has progressed and his personality has bloomed he’s moving better,” Dr Barton told the Dallas Morning News. “He can jump up on the couch, he can jump up on my bed, he can come out and seek out interaction much easier.”

“I think just in general everybody just needs to keep cheering him on, feel free to come by and visit him and give him some love and affection and we are just going to keep pushing forward.”

See Skinny working out on the underwater treadmill in the one-year update report video below.



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