Sir Stuffington Makes List of Internet’s Favorite Cats for 2013

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Sir Stuffington
These photos and many more can be seen at Facebook.


Google announced its top searches for the internet’s favorite animals for 2013, and Portland, OR foster kitten Sir Stuffington landed at number 7.

The kitten with one eye and a lopsided mouth won people over with his photos, along with the back story on the injuries that gave him his unique appearance and the shelter and foster home who helped him and his siblings.

The kitten’s Sir Stuffington Facebook page quickly gained fans when it was set up after initial photo posts at  Reddit went viral.

Sir Stuffington is thought to have been attacked by a raccoon. He and his siblings were found on September 13 and were turned in to the shelter as strays.

Multnomah County Animal Services in Troutdale, OR, near Portland, wrote at their website:

“Sir Stuffington …  came into our shelter on September 13 with two of his siblings who were rescued off the streets. In addition to being filthy, covered with fleas, and suffering from an upper respiratory infection (URI), it was clear he had survived some sort of traumatic injury that caused a disfigured jaw and the loss of one eye. He also has a heart murmur and flea anemia. All three kittens have calicivirus, which is contagious to other cats.

“We got all three of the approximately 6 week old kittens cleaned up and treated their URI’s. Next, we located a loving foster home for the kittens to recuperate in. One of our many foster parent heroes, Blazer Schaffer, volunteered to foster the kittens until they are healthy and at an adoptable weight.

See our post from September 22, 2013, Sir Stuffington: Cute Special Needs Foster Kitten Gains Fame for more on the story.

The Sir Stuffington Facebook page remains very active, and chronicles the household’s other foster and rescued pets alongside Sir Stuffington. Fans of the page are asking whether Blazer Schaffer and her partner plan to adopt Sir Stuffington, but those questions remain unanswered for now.

Sales of prints of Sir Stuffington’s photos generated money to pay for his medical expenses and those of other animals in the care of Multnomah County Animal Services.
Sir Stuffington tentatively plays with a new toy in a Facebook video posted on December 22:


Sir Stuffington’s most well known photo, Pirate Kitty.


Sir Stuffington with Blazer


Sir Stuffington with Aisley


A local news report featured Sir Stuffington’s story in September: (The newscaster keeps getting the kitten’s name wrong. Oops.)




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