Seized Exotic Mixed Breed Cats Find Homes

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Semi exotic cats seized from a breeder last month found real homes and families this week, as the shelter holding them held an adoption event.

We reported earlier this month on plans to adopt out the domestic, semi exotic and exotic cats seized from Sandra Norman’s Amazing Grace breeding business in Advance, North Carolina, in Cats seized from Amazing Grace breeder to be adopted out by shelter.

The Guilford County Animal Shelter posted on its Facebook page this Tuesday that the domestic and semi exotic cats would be available for adoption at noon on Wednesday. Emails flooded in, and potential adopters lined up early on Wednesday morning

The mixed breed cats were adopted out at between $250 and $350, which they say was about half of what a breeder would have charged. The shelter still has some of the exotic mixed breeds, which will be made available after they are fully rehabilitated.

The seized African Servals and Savannah cats cannot be adopted out, because it is illegal to keep them in Guilford County.

2 thoughts on “Seized Exotic Mixed Breed Cats Find Homes”

  1. I’m also wondering WHAT is going to happen to the cats that cannot be adopted out in that county due to legal issues???? They should be allowed to be transported to a state that does allow those adoptions. I’m sure there are A LOT of wonderful humans out there who would love to adopt those cats. It’s NOT THEIR fault they were living in deplorable conditions & also in a state they’re illegal to be adopted in!!

  2. Hi Debra,
    When we posted this story to Facebook, a few knowledgeable readers let us know that groups that rescue Servals and Savannah’s were working with officials to remove the exotic cats from custody and take them to safety.

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