Sebastian bionic kitty makes remarkable recovery from a terrible fall

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Sebastian is being called a bionic kitty three months after a terrible fall got him fitted up with an external framework of supports and pins. External supports were attached and connected to the leg bones, and there are internal pins, as well.

Patison Harrigan and Katrin Toots returned to their fourth floor Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK flat one day in August and couldn;t find Sebastian. Twisted window blinds suggested that he cat had gotten through a partially opened window and fallen 40 feet to the hard ground, which is what happened.

The following day, the couple learned that the RSPCA had found Sebastian lying on the pavement, struggling to breathe.  The RSPCA located Sebastian’s family with a microchip scan and contacted them. Pattison and Katrin recovered him and rushed him to a veterinary hospital, where he was treated and given a 10% chance of recovery.

Veterinarian Mark Barton, of Manor Vets described Sebastian’s condition like this,  “He deteriorated quite rapidly over the first night. His injuries were critical. When he was presented his chance of survival was 10% but it deteriorated to less than that over the first 24 hours.”

Sebastian beat the odds and  is doing well. Dr. Barton says the recovery has been slow but sure, and  credits the pet parents for improving Sebastian’s chances for survival with their  diligent and attentive daily care.  In fact, he calls the couple “incredible” and says, “They fed him through a tube at home, they were incredibly caring. It was hard work.” The couple also saw to it that Sebastian got the rest he required to heal.

Katrin said in a BBC TV report that it took a month for family life to return somewhat to normal and cites the emotional stress for Sebastian and the family’s other cat, who found Sebastian’s condition upsetting. In comparing the situation back in August with what it is today, she said, ” Three months later I just can’t believe it; it’s all good, back to normal.”, and smiled.

Sebastian’s framework has recently been altered, with the external support framework being removed, leaving the pins.

Patison Harrigan says of the experience, “I still can’t believe he’s got through it. He jumps a little bit higher now since the metal was put in him. He’s become a bit bionic.”

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