NC Family says animal control killed their cat

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A heartbroken mother and daughter believe staff at the county animal shelter in Caldwell County, North Carolina euthanized their beloved cat before the Easter weekend break and are not coming clean on what happened.

Hudson residents Carole Williams and her daughter Jessica believe their cat Burley was euthanized by the county animal shelter before they could get there to claim him.

By the time the family says they learned the cat was at the shelter last Thursday, the shelter had closed for the day.

And it stayed closed Friday, and for the entire Easter weekend.

When Carole and her daughter finally got into the shelter Monday they were shown paperwork listing five cats and one matched Burley’s description.

But when they went back to look, Burley was not there, nor were two others.

Asked if she believes Burley was euthanized, Carole said, “Yes I do.”

Shelter Director Greg Greene told WCNC News by phone that the cat was not euthanized. He said the last animals were put down Thursday morning at 9:30 and the cat matching Burley’s description did not come into the shelter til after 11:00.

He claims to believe that Burley cat got out of his cage while some painting work was being done, and then managed to escape from the shelter.

“I’m sorry,” Greene said. “If I could bring it back I would.”

Carole’s and Jessica are not buying the escape story and believe Burley is gone, never to be found.

“You fall in love with your pets. It’s kind of like your child,” Jessica said.




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