Saving Schrodinger

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Schrodinger the cat’s lucky day was Friday the 13th, when a woman passing through the parking lot where he was found rescued him and saved his life. Following surgery for severe injuries and infection, Schrodinger is healing while getting ready to begin a new and better phase of his life.

Kelly Glenn is the Good Samaritan who rescued Schrodinger, got him life-saving surgery, and is overseeing his care until he is ready to be placed for adoption. Kelly’s boyfriend James Scott Kocher is assisting and helping to share Schrodinger’s story.

Kelly tells the story, with additional details provided by James:

While traveling between Florida and Kentucky for work, I found a severely injured juvenile cat (approx 6 mos old) in a motel parking lot. His front leg had been torn off, and shards of bone fragment were dragging the ground from his injured limb.

Hotel staff reported that a WEEK previously, he had been inside of a car motor when it started, and they think the fan belt caused his injury.

Nobody had the means to take him to a vet (this was in very rural Tennessee) and they said they couldn’t catch him and that local animal control wouldn’t respond.

James adds: He was nabbed while napping in some shrubbery and spent the next few hours riding in a makeshift cat carrier (cardboard box. cats like boxes, right?), and it was very scary to not know if he was still alive every time the box was opened. He was, and he made his way to Crestwood Animal Hospital in Crestwood, Kentucky, where he underwent successful surgery to remove what was left of the leg (not much), the protruding bone fragments, and a LOT of infected tissue.

Kelly again: I caught him, and was able to get veterinary attention for him upon arrival in Kentucky. His wound was so infected that the vets even had to remove his collarbone. I knew they would take the remainder of the leg at the shoulder, but didn’t know the infection had gone that deep, though I should have guessed based on the necrotic tissue, smell, and creepy crawly maggots present.

Originally I figured that humane euthanasia might be the best option, but he’s such a friendly guy, and I just had to give him every chance…anything tough enough to run around for a WEEK as injured and sick as he was deserves it!

He is doing well, has had surgery, been sterilized, FeLV/FIV tested, and even has a local rescue that will help with adoption efforts when he is healed up enough for a forever home (people have already inquired about adopting him!), but we’ve racked up one heck of a vet bill to keep the little guy going. He now has a FB page as well to keep track of his progress from injured stray to spoiled pet.

James: He has a long road ahead, but his prognosis is good, and he’s receiving terrific care, pain management, and love. He’s very sweet, considering what he’s been through, and will be available for adoption once he has recovered sufficiently. So, we’ve solved the mystery of “Schrodinger’s Cat”, and it turns out, the cat is ALIVE!


Kelly was committed for work in Lexington, Kentucky for several days after Schrodinger’s rescue, and fortunately has family in the area who are helping out. Kelly’s aunt Carol was able to pick the cat up from the vet and is providing post-op care at her home with help from an animal-loving cousin.

Carol reports that [ a few days after surgery] he is still eating like a champ, and has mastered the litter box; his missing leg and shoulder aren’t stopping him one bit!

Schrodinger will return to Gainesville, Florida with Kelly, where he will be available for adoption when he is ready.

Kelly and James would greatly appreciate it if readers would visit, ‘like’ and share the Saving Schrodinger Facebook page, where they are giving updates, and plan to add more photos and some video over the upcoming weekend.

Schrodinger’s caregivers ask the question: Can you help save this sweet little kitty from the unknown outcome of Schrodinger’s Box?!  at the Saving Schrodinger gofundme donation page set up to help with medical costs for kitty’s surgery and associated care. They are currently halfway toward their stated $1,200 goal. Monies raised over costs, if any,  will go to a rescue organization.

Bandaged up following surgery
Kelly wrote today: I am here at Carol’s visiting with Schrody, and he is in 3 legged kitty heaven here! in this pic he’s snuggled up to his favorite pillows, but he also has a cat tree and a bed that he enjoys, and YES, he can hop his little self right up onto that cat tree! he’s still working on his balance but he’s getting there. he has a vet check tomorrow morning to have his incision checked, and will need another bandage because he’s gaining so much weight that this one has become snug! More pics and video to come shortly!




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