Rosie Gets Help After Saving Herself From Abandonment

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Rosie is getting loving care at the Moncton, NB SPCA after escaping from a taped box in a gravel pit and walking across hot tar to save herself.  Her caregivers at the SPCA say they named the cat Rosie because she remained hopeful and trusting despite all she had been through.

Rosie was placed in a cardboard box that was closed shut with electrical tape and left in a gravel pit. She clawed her way out of the box and walked across hot, freshly laid tar to bring herself to safety; then was found by a passerby who turned her over to the Moncton SPCA on Thursday. When was turned over to the SPCA Rosie was dirty and underfed, had a broken leg, and had tar melted onto her burned paw pads.

Nanette Pearl, Director of Animal Welfare from the SPCA, told the CBC, “We were looking at her and when we picked her up and saw the feet, and saw the coat … she was just so horrible to hold because all she was fur and bone,” leading Rosie’s rescuers to conclude that she had been on her own without food or water for several days.  Her trusting nature showed through, according to Ms. Pearl, as she continued, “Yet she just snuggled in and put all her trust in us and said, well implied, ‘Just help me.’”

Rosie is currently staying at  VetCare in Riverview and is expected to make a full recovery and to be made available for adoption.  The SPCA has the case under investigation and hopes to pursue charges of animal cruelty is the person who dumped Rosie can be identified.

You can see more about Rosie at the SPCA’s Facebook page. The SPCA reported at the page this afternoon that the tar had been removed from Rosie’s feet, she had eaten some solid foods, and was getting a lot of sleep.

Listen here to the audio of the full interview about Rosie with Nanette Pearl from CBC.


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