Rescue of Kitten From Car Caught on Video

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Joe Stanson, the service manager at Gatto’s Tire and Auto Service in Palm Bay, FL, pulled a little kitten out of the axle tube of a 2005 Mercury Montego a customer brought in today. The kitten was unharmed.

The car’s owner brought it in to find out what was wrong, saying he was hearing noises toward the back of the car. With the car up on the alignment lift, after ascertaining that there was a kitten trapped inside, Joe was able to reach in and carefully pull the little fellow out to safety. Fortunately, the kitten, though covered with grease, was unharmed.

The kitten was in no danger of going homeless after the rescue. The car’s owner offered to take him, but Joe Stanson asked if he could have the kitten for his daughter, and took him home. The kitten is being called Lucky Gatto.

This video, which was posted to YouTube as promised by the man filming it, gives a good view of how such, from inside the axle tube, a rescue is made.



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  1. Great service, great staff….now I have another reason to continue using this place…..they love animals. Way to go Gattos. You have a loyal customer for life. Hopefully Joe will keep Gatto’s customers updated (via Gatto’s website) on Lucky Gatto’s progress. He should be the new official spokescat for this store.

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