Rescue mama cat and kittens are reunited with lost babies and siblings

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Rescue mama cat and kittens are reunited with lost babies and siblings

A foster petmom was overjoyed to reunite a mama cat and two of her babies with the rest of mama’s litter.

Michael Jeremiah shared video of the renion and told the little cat family’s story at YouTube recently, writing:

“The rewards of fostering are truly unending. First, we are all grateful for Passion and her two boys Spanky and Butch. Spanky miraculously survived a vicious attack from a raccoon in the first week of his life.

“Then Special Ones Cat Rescue [of Oakland, Ontario, located between Hamilton and Toronto] got a phone call and a miracle takes place…

“As told by rescue owner Karen Beharrel: “Passion was rescued just over a week ago with her two babies. One had been attacked. Passion although happy to be safe indoors seemed stressed and worried. Today we changed that. I had asked the finder to check around and ask neighbors if they saw any babies or knew who Passion belonged to. Turns out a neighbor three doors down had found three babies under her back steps and had taken them in and was feeding them. Passion must have been moving them when the attack occurred, and being concerned for her injured baby, she stayed with him and his brother. Tonight Passion was reunited with her three babies. You could see on her face how happy she was. Welcome Darla, Dorothy and Buckwheat. This has been an amazing night.””

You can see more on this sweet little cat family at the Waiting on a Mirakle page at Facebook.

For more with Special Ones, visit: Special Ones Cat Rescue – Halton at Facebook.


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