Ray Charles, the Happy Blind Cat

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“Reddit, meet my handsome blind cat, Ray Charles. (He was born without eyeballs!),”  writes Reddit user britneyhf.

Britney told about Ray in conversation with commenters at the social networking site, saying:

“I didn’t take him in, he was born in my living room! So he had the company of four other kittens, his mom and another adult cat for his first couple months of life. However my dad moved houses after they were born, from a one story to a two story, and apparently Ray was the first one up the stairs! And then I moved him and a sister of his to my apartment and he settled right in! I showed him where the litter box was just like I do with a seeing cat in a new place, and never had to revisit it after that. He has made messes, but I think that’s just been out of protest, lol. Ray hasn’t proved to be any more of a time commitment compared to a seeing cat. Although I think the presence of his family has really helped him a lot. I would never separate him from his sister.”

“Ray has always had a knack for climbing and jumping; it’s fascinating, honestly.”

“When his mom had kittens, which was on 4th of July, btw, we gave all the kittens we kept the blue collars with the little bells. I think it makes him look dressed up.”

“Don’t feel bad for him! I don’t think he knows he’s blind. He lives a normal happy kitty life with his sister and they’re both showered with unbelievable amounts of love.”

“Isn’t [his beautiful smile] the best?! He always looks like he’s smiling!”


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2 thoughts on “Ray Charles, the Happy Blind Cat”

  1. britneyhf here! I found this article just by doing a google search and just wanted to say thanks for writing this! I’m blown away by all the feedback and love I’ve gotten for Ray! He’s truly a special kitty that I’m thankful to have in my life.

  2. Britney,Ray is a beautiful kitty,and your right blind kitty’s can do as much as a cat with sight! There really isn’t any difference. May your kitty’s bring you much happiness and love for many,many years! 🙂

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