Princess Beatrice’s Rescue

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Princess Beatrice went on an accidental misadventure with her littermates and lost a leg as a result. After getting help from a rescue and their vet, she is healing and is ready to find her forever home now.

Formerly feral kittens Princess Beatrice, Prince Harry, and Princess Eugenie climbed up under a car in Oroville, California one day a couple of weeks ago, looking to get out of the summer sun.

The car owner was horrified later when she drove off and the kittens fell out onto the road. Volunteers from POUNCE cat rescue and sanctuary searched until they found all three kittens and got Princess Beatrice the extra help she needed.

Pounce Cat Rescue and Sanctuary told the story at Facebook, as seen immediately below.

1304_594795697208943_1536880501_nPrincess Beatrice’s Miracle:
The three orphaned kittens hid unseen in the car frame on that scorching 115 degree day.

The kind woman saw two kittens tumble out on the busy road, before they disappeared from view. ”Oh no! It would be a miracle if they survived,” she thought. But a miracle was in the making, unbeknownst to all.

Volunteers from POUNCE Cat Rescue searched night & day, finding one kitten uninjured. A second kitten emerged unhurt from the car frame. The third kitten was missing until 6am the next day. A volunteer was frantically searching on Olive Highway when another volunteer unexpectedly arrived.

They searched together, making cat sounds. The calico kitten answered repeatedly. Although wild, she allowed her rescuers to hold her. The seemingly impossible had happened through a mix of caring and stubborn determination.

Both women cried when they saw the kitten had a broken leg. Look Ahead Veterinary Hospital gave her the best care, like they do all their cherished clients. The kitten, named Princess Beatrice, would lose her rear leg, but would otherwise be fine. She soon went to POUNCE to join her siblings, Prince Harry, and Princess Eugenie. They are all healthy and available for adoption.

Like most small rescues, POUNCE is always in need of donations to continue their work for the animals.

Local channel KNVN 24 covered the story and visited the kittens at the rescue.

P.O.U.N.C.E (Pet Organization Urging Neutering, Care and Education) is a nonprofit organization in Oroville, CA. Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and adopt cats and kittens that are homeless, abandoned and without hope. They care for non adoptable cats for life, giving them quality lives with lots of love and medical care. Pounce can be reached at 530-589-2843, PO BOX 641, Oroville, CA 95965

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