Princess and Her Kittens Reunited Part 2: More Joy

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In a followup to last night’s post about a Mama and her babies brought back together again after a house fire by two separate calls to the Red Paw Emergency ReliefTteam, we have photos and more uplifting video.

Our post from last night Amazing Reunion for Cat and Kittens After House Fire  told the story of a heartwarming reunion with a Mama and and her kittens separated after a Philadelphia house fire.

Red Paw Emergency Relief Team, which helps local families and their pets after fires and emergencies, received two calls last week that resulted in a Mama cat who had panicked and run being brought back together with her litter of kittens after a house fire.

The earlier post tells the full story and includes a video from the reunion of Mama and her babies.

Here are more photos and videos from the happy reunion of Princess and her family. These wonderful moments are possible because of the good work of the Red Paw team. You can also visit and support them on Facebook.






In an uplifting video, Mama Princess decides that it’s bath time for her babies. The happy little family bonds together again. ♥





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