‘Prickly Pete’, Rescued From Arizona Cactus Patch

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‘Prickly Pete’ suffered cactus spine injuries to his muzzle, eyelids and mouth, but is recovering at the Second Chance Animal Hospital.

An orange and white cat dubbed ‘Prickly Pete’ is recovering from an ill fated foray into a Phoenix cactus patch on Wednesday. A good Samaritan called the Arizona Humane Society to report a cat stuck in a cactus at 19th Avenue and the aptly named Cactus Road, and AHS  dispatched a response team of emergency medical technicians to the scene.

The cat had extricated himself from the cactus by the time the technicians arrived, but left a trail of cactus pods behind him, making it easy to track him down. Kitty was found stuck in a nearby fence, with cactus needles stuck to his head, leg, and back. His rescuers took the cat to Second Chance Animal Hospital, which serves as AHS’s medical facility.

“I think a bird could have lured him in there. I think they have fun, they start pouncing around and before they know it they’re in this predicament,” said Bretta Nelson, spokesperson for the AHS.

Four people spent two hours removing cactus spines from the cat, who has injuries to his muzzle, mouth, and eyelids. He is receiving antibiotics and pain meds as he recovers.

In keeping with AHS policy, Prickly Pete’s family has 72 hours from intake to claim him, or he will be put up for adoption. AHS hopes the cat’s family well see news reports and reclaim him.



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